Omer Sella

Omer S. Sella

Ph.D. student at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory

M.Sc. Mathematics

My focus is Rack-Scale systems. I work under the supervision of Dr. Andrew W. Moore and Dr. Noa Zilberman.

I also work in cooperation with Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Personal details

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Phone : (+44)0748 0329022

Address :University of Cambridge

Department of Computer Science and Technology

Computer Laboratory

William Gates Building 15 JJ Thomson Avenue Cambridge CB3 0FD, UK

About me

University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory

Ph.D. student

I am a CPGS student at the Systems Research Group.

In addition I am a contributor to the 802.3 IEEE group.

My main field of interest is Rack-Scale computing.

Other fields of interest for me are high speed physical layer interfaces (100,200,400 GBps) as well as DDR4 and DDR5 (parallel) interfaces.

I am also interested in storage, and in particular error correcting codes for storage.

Things I find interesting

Quotes, thoughts and anacdotes

"I shall not teach my students untill they have tried and tried and failed. And then, if I give them an exmple and they will not infer the general case, I shall teach them no more." Confucius.

The worst thing a person could do when asked a question is, in my opinion, dismiss the question as foolish, or answer in a condacending tone. There is always the risk that the person asking the question shall ask nothing more.

"Better not promise, than promise and not keep." Kohelet.

Somehow, the best mathematics comes up in the shower (said at a lecture by Nobel prize winner Robert John Aumann)

"So we shall now explain how to read the book. The right way is to put it on your desk in the day, below your pillow at night, devoting yourselflf to the reading, and solving the exercises till you know it by heart. Unfortunately, I suspect the reader is looking for advice on how not to read, i.e. what to skip, and even better, how to read only some isolated highlights." S. Sellah, Classification Theory.

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