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Dylan McDermott

I am currently a post-doc in ICE-TCS at Reykjavik University, working with Tarmo Uustalu on quantified computational effects and interaction.

Previously I was a PhD student in the Programming, Logic and Semantics group of the Univerity of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. I worked with Alan Mycroft on the theory of programming languages with computational effects, including reasoning about evaluation order, and proving correctness of program transformations. My thesis is currently under examination.


  • Dylan McDermott and Alan Mycroft. Extended call-by-push-value: reasoning about effectful programs and evaluation order. ESOP 2019. Winner of EAPLS Best Paper Award. [PDF] [DOI] [slides]
  • Ohad Kammar and Dylan McDermott. Factorisation systems for logical relations and monadic lifting in type-and-effect system semantics. MFPS 2018. [PDF] [DOI] [slides]
  • Dylan McDermott and Alan Mycroft. Call-by-need effects via coeffects. Open Computer Science, 2018. [PDF] [DOI]
  • Matthew Parkinson, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, Kapil Vaswani, Manuel Costa, Pantazis Deligiannis, Dylan McDermott, Aaron Blankstein, and Jonathan Balkind. Project Snowflake: Non-blocking Safe Manual Memory Management in .NET. OOPSLA 2017. [PDF] [DOI]

Research talks

  • On the relation between call-by-value and call-by-name. ICE-TCS Seminar, Reykjavik University, November 2019. [slides]
  • Reasoning about effectful programs and evaluation order. Programming Languages Seminar, University of Oxford, June 2019. [slides]
  • Reasoning about effectful programs and evaluation order. Theoretical Computer Science Seminar, University of Birmingham, May 2019. [slides]
  • A monadic solution to the Cartwright-Felleisen-Wadler conjecture. HOPE 2017. [talk proposal] [slides]
  • Effects for lazy languages. BCTCS 2017. [slides]


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