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I am the Marconi Professor of Communications Systems in the Computer Lab, at the University of Cambridge, and the Turing Inst. almost exactly 100 years after Marconi's "groundbreaking" first transatlantic wireless call, and i am a fellow of Wolfson College; two decades ago, i was a professor in the Department of Computer Science University College London. i also am an honorary prof in stats there now. i graduated in Physics from Trinity College, Cambridge University in 1979. i got an MSc in Computing in 1981, and PhD in 1993 both from UCL. (before that i even went to primary and 2ndary school once). i'm a fellow of the Royal Society, the ACM, the British Computer Society, the IET the Royal Academy of Engineering and the IEEE. I'm a member of UCU and have been (or its equivalent) since 1979. Technical advisory boards i am on include Transition Lab, Kvasira, HATDeX, Matrix, CognitionX, Ensemble, IMDEA Networks, Foundation for Information Policy Research.





  • Data for Policy Conf 2020, Sep 14-16, 2020, London (papers from 2019 London)
  • Mobicom Sep 21-25, 2020, London
  • AIMCOM2 13.10.20, at ICNP 2020, Madrid.


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