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Department of Computer Science and Technology

List of PhD students

List of current PhD students

Data source: The table below is automatically generated from the Research_Students table on the departmental SQL server, maintained by Lise Gough, to whom enquiries about these records should be addressed.

second adviser startedexpected finishsubject
Hugo AaronsonDr T. Gurjv5082023-10-012025-09-30Quantum and classical sublinear algorithms
Nida AbbasiProf. H. GunesProf. A. F. Blackwell2020-10-012024-09-30Developing a framework for age-appropriate mental and cognitive wellbeing screening for children - a multimodal robotised approach
Salomey AddoDr S. E. SentanceProf. A. R. Beresford2023-01-042027-01-03Investigating pedagogical approaches to teaching the concepts and skills of AI, machine learning and data science
Daattavya AggarwalDr C. MishraProf. P. Lio'2023-10-012027-09-30Quantum Computation & Machine Learning for String Geometry
Sharan AgrawalProf. A. V. S. MadhavapeddyProf. J. A. Crowcroft2024-04-172028-01-03Agent Based Models for the Economics of Biodiversity and Climate Change
Preslav AleksandrovProf. N. D. LaneTBC2024-01-052028-01-04Hardware-aware Network Architecture Search for ML Training Workloads
Anwaar AliProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Dr A. Sathiaseelan
Dr J. Singh, Prof. R. J. Anderson2017-04-172021-07-31Effective governance by and of blockchain
Rami AlyProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2020-10-012025-09-30Claim Verification Over Unstructured and Structured Information
Mahwish ArifProf. T. M. Jones2020-10-012025-03-31A full-coverage, low-overhead and accessible software framework for binary security
Jose Gilberto Atondo SiuProf. A. J. HutchingsProf. R. J. Anderson2020-10-012024-09-30Using NLP and ML to identify investment scam lures
Minja AxelssonProf. H. GunesProf. A. F. Blackwell2020-10-012024-09-30Computational Behaviour Generation for a Robotic Well-being Coach
Rosie BaishProf. R. N. WatsonProf. P. M. Sewell2022-10-012026-09-30Extending the C standards to increase safety
Stefanos BakirtzisDr I. J. WassellDr R. K. Harle2020-10-012024-09-30Characterizing mobile service demands and optimal indoor radio access network deployment for 5G and beyond systems
Rini BanerjeeProf. P. M. SewellProf. N. Krishnaswami2022-10-012026-09-30Executable separation-logic specification
Ahmet Canberk BaykalProf. A. C. OztireliProf. A. F. Blackwell2023-10-012027-09-30Interfaces for visual content generation with text encoders
Jasmine BayrootiProf. A. S. ProrokProf. R. D. Mullins2022-10-012026-09-30Optimising Incentives to Balance Self-Interest and Cooperation in Multi-Agents
Anaïs-Marie BerkesProf. S. KeshavProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2023-10-012027-09-30Layout, sizing and operation of energy systems in multiple-family residential housing
David BerryProf. M. P. FioreProf. A. M. Pitts and Dr J. Vicary2021-10-012025-09-30Normalisation for Two-Dimensional Simple Type Theory
Matteo BettiniProf. A. S. ProrokProf. M. Jamnik2021-10-012025-09-30Neural diversity in multi-agent systems
Daniel BeutelProf. N. D. LaneProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2022-10-012026-12-30The Design and Architecture of a Scalable Modular Federated Learning Framework
Siddharth Bhat MalaDr T. C. GrosserProf. P. M. Sewell2024-01-052027-01-04Extending Lean4: Compilation & Verification
Peter Blandford-BakerProf. R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2020-10-012024-09-30Enabling High-Performance Software Compartmentalization using CHERI Co-Processes
Virginia BlessingProf. A. R. BeresfordDr A. Hutchings2021-10-012025-09-30Anonymous Communications for Mobile Devices
Jan BlumenkampProf. A. S. ProrokDr C. Oztireli2020-10-012024-09-30Learning communication for real-world multi-agent systems
Erika BondarevaProf. C. MascoloDr H. Gunes2019-10-012024-04-30Machine learning for automated auscultation: disease diagnostics and progression tracking through audio signals
Justas BrazauskasProf. A. F. Blackwell,
Per Ola Kristensson
Prof. R. M. Mortier2022-10-012026-09-30Human-Centric Design of Digital Twins
Edward BrownProf. N. D. Lane2020-10-012024-09-30Deep Learning applied to Solar Imaging in Space Weather Forecasting
Jason BrownProf. R. D. MullinsProf. A. S. Prorok2023-10-012027-09-30Reinforcement learning and reward modelling
David ButerezProf. P. Lio'Prof. M. Jamnik2020-10-012024-09-30
Kayla-Jade ButkowProf. C. MascoloProf. A. R. Beresford2020-10-012024-09-30Multimodal Earable Sensing Platform for Stress Detection and Monitoring
Yancheng CaiProf. R. K. MantiukDr D. J. Wischik2023-10-012027-09-30Display image quality
Gaia CareniniProf. M. JamnikDr S. B. Holden2024-04-172028-04-16Fusing Human-Oriented Reasoning Techniques and Principles with Language Models
Annabelle CarrellDr F. HuszarProf. N. D. Lawrence2021-10-012025-09-30Towards a Theory of Calibration in Deep Learning
Francesco CeccarelliDr S. B. Holden,
Prof. P. Lio'
Eric ChamounProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2022-10-012026-09-30AI-assisted scientific writing
Shreya ChappidiDr J. Singh2023-10-012027-09-30Designing for fairness and inclusion in medical AI systems
Yiwen ChenProf. S. H. TeufelDr E. Yoneki2019-01-042023-10-04Lyrics generation with melodic and linguistic constraints
Yufei ChenDr W. SunProf. S. H. Teufel2024-01-052028-01-03Probing Cognition--Language Interaction with Multi-Agent Communication Model
Julius ChengProf. A. VlachosProf. P. J. Buttery2021-01-042025-01-04Exploring the use dynamic oracles in imitation learning
Jiaee CheongProf. H. Gunes,
Prof. P. Lio'
2020-10-012024-04-01A Causal Approach towards Fairness in Facial Affect Recognition
Luke ChurchProf. A. F. BlackwellProf. N. A. Dodgson2007-10-012011-09-30Enhancing user experience of programming in diverse domains
Jessica ClarkeProf. R. N. WatsonProfessor S. W. Moore2018-10-012023-09-30Optimising Code for Modern Instruction Set-based Capability Systems
Kian CrossProf. R. N. WatsonProf. J. A. Crowcroft2023-10-012027-09-30Reasoning about Compartmentalising Complex Software
Wei DaDr E. KalyvianakiProf. R. M. Mortier2023-10-012027-09-30 Privacy Preserved Embedding-based Retrieval System
Oluwatomisin DadaProf. N. D. LawrenceDr C. H. Ek2022-10-012026-09-30Reinforcement Learning in Disaggregated Energy Systems
Richard Diehl MartinezProf. P. J. ButteryDr W. Sun2021-10-012025-09-30Meta-Learning Methods for Low Resource Multi-lingual Language Modeling
Petr DolezalProf. S. KeshavProf. J. A. Crowcroft2020-10-012024-09-30Complementarity of renewable energy sources across supergrids
Iulia DutaProf. P. Lio'Prof. C. Mascolo2021-10-012025-09-30Exploring the power of hypergraphs for graph-structured data
Ioannis EleftheriadisProf. A. DawarDr J. Vicary2021-10-012025-09-30Categorical methods in finite model theory
Mark ElliottProf. P. J. ButteryProf. E. J. Briscoe2018-04-172022-04-16The application of measurement in the evaluation of automated assessment models
Marton ErdosProf. T. M. JonesDr R. D. Mullins2020-10-012024-09-30In-core speculative multithreading
Mateo Espinosa ZarlengaProf. M. JamnikDr S. B. Holden2021-10-012025-09-30Interpretable Concept-based Neural Architectures for Tabular Tasks
Aidan EvansProf. A. DawarProf. J. Vicary2023-10-012027-09-30Locality in Finite Model Theory
Patrick FerrisProf. A. V. S. MadhavapeddyProf. S. Keshav2023-10-012027-09-30Technology for empowering conservation and local livelihoods in the global south
Arduin FindeisProf. S. KeshavProf. J. A. Crowcroft2021-10-012025-09-30Using Reinforcement Learning to Control Towards generalist building control
Michael Christian Fink AmoresProf. A. R. BeresfordProf. R. J. Anderson2023-10-012027-09-30De-anonymization attacks on location data
Paris FloodProf. P. Lio'Dr A. S. Prorok2019-10-012024-03-15Machine Learning for personalized healthcare
Kyle FogartyProf. A. C. OztireliProf. R. K. Mantiuk2022-10-012026-09-30Neural geometry processing
Franz FuchsProf. S. W. MooreProf. R. N. Watson2021-10-012025-09-30Transient-Execution Attacks and Mitigations using Capability-based Memory Protection
Laurence GaleDr S. E. Sentance,
Prof. A. R. Beresford2022-10-012026-09-30Towards improving the teaching and learning of debugging for secondary school learners
Dapeng GaoProf. R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2021-10-012025-09-30Software compartmentalisation for CHERI
Hongyun GaoProf. R. K. MantiukProf. A. C. Oztireli2022-01-042026-01-03Towards Higher Quality Images via Dual Sensors
Yuan GaoDr W. SunProf. S. H. Teufel2023-01-042027-01-03Knowledge-driven tutorial dialogue system
Zhan GaoProf. A. S. ProrokDr T. M. Sauerwald2022-10-012026-09-30Environment co-optimization for multi-agent learning
Gabrielle GaudeauProf. P. J. ButteryDr A. P. Caines2023-10-012027-09-30Automated and explainable assessment of writing by learners of English
Dobrik GeorgievProf. P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2020-10-012024-09-30Neural algorithmic reasoning for computer science and biomedicine
Jad Elkhaleq GhalayiniProf. N. KrishnaswamiProf. P. M. Sewell2021-10-012025-09-30Semantics and refinement types for compiler Irs
Ryan GibbProf. A. V. S. MadhavapeddyProf. J. A. Crowcroft2022-10-012026-09-30Interspatial networking
Jennifer GielisProf. A. S. Prorokawm112021-10-012025-09-30Coupled Navigation-Networking Techniques for Mobile Robot Systems
Fazilet GokbudakProf. A. C. OztireliDr H. Gunes2020-10-012024-09-30Structured Filters for Image-based Scene Manipulations
Zebulon GorielyProf. P. J. ButteryProf. S. H. Teufel2021-10-012025-09-30Transformer Language Models and Child Language Acquisition
Katherine GreenProf. A. S. Prorok,
Dr Simeon Hill (BAS)
Prof. E. Shuckburgh2021-10-012026-01-30Understanding Ecosystem Dynamics for Marine Conservation
Onkar GulatiProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy,
Dr Andrew Balmford [Javascript required]
Prof. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2023-10-012027-09-30
Siyuan GuoDr F. HuszarProf. N. D. Lawrence2021-10-012025-09-30Advances in Causal Structure Identification and Probabilistic Meta-learning
Yuxin GuoProf. T. M. JonesProf. R. D. Mullins2023-01-042027-01-03Microarchitectural support for transparent task-level parallelism
Zhilin GuoProf. A. C. Oztireli,
Prof. R. K. Mantiuk2022-10-012026-09-303D machine perception
Rowan Hall MaudslayProf. S. H. TeufelProf. P. J. Buttery2020-10-012024-09-30Productive Metaphor in the Lexicon
Angus HammondProf. N. Krishnaswami,
Prof. P. M. Sewell
Prof. A. M. Pitts2019-10-012024-01-31Program logics for realistic ISAs
Dounia HammouProf. R. K. MantiukProf. H. Gunes2022-10-012026-09-30Display-adaptive video quality
Charles HarrisProf. P. Lio',
Sir T. Blundell (DAMTP)
Dr A. Floto2021-10-012025-09-30AI for structural biology, drug discovery and protein design
Guoliang HeDr E. YonekiProf. J. A. Crowcroft2021-10-012026-03-31Neural Networks Super-optimization via Reinforcement Learning
Tabitha HealyDr T. C. GrosserProf. S. W. Moore2024-01-052027-01-03Exploiting Representation for Efficient Hardware Verification
Konstantin HemkerProf. M. JamnikProf. P. Lio'2022-10-012026-09-30Improving stability, meaningfulness & faithfulness of machine learning explanations in healthcare
Amelia HolcombProf. S. KeshavProf. J. A. Crowcroft2021-10-012025-09-30Remote sensing of tropical forest degradation and regrowth
Yulong HuangDr J. D. YallopProf. M. P. Fiore2023-01-042027-01-03Dependently-typed compilation: Theory and applications
Anna (Hilje) HudigDr J. SinghProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2022-10-012026-09-30User Empowerment in Internet-of-Things Ecosystems: Addressing Data Harvesting and User Manipulation
Alexandru-Andrei IacobProf. N. D. LaneDr C. H. Ek2022-10-012027-01-31Building Scalable Hierarchical Federated Learning Systems
Dan Andrei IliescuDr D. J. WischikDr H. Gunes2019-10-012024-05-30An environment for data interaction, with machine learning support
Al Amjad Tawfiq IsstaifProf. R. M. MortierProf. J. A. Crowcroft2020-10-012024-09-30Autoscaling Applications at the Network Edge
Rishabh JainProf. A. S. ProrokDr C. H. Ek2023-10-012027-09-30Verifiable Multi-Agent Program Synthesis through Graph Neural Networks
Andrew JefferyProf. R. M. MortierProf. J. A. Crowcroft2020-10-012025-03-13Decentralised Cluster Orchestration
Christopher JensenProf. R. M. MortierDr Heidi Howard2020-10-012025-01-30Reconfigurable Consensus
Albert JiangProf. M. JamnikProf. A. S. Prorok2021-10-012025-09-30Learning Abstract Mathematical Reasoning
Xiangjian JiangProf. M. JamnikProf. P. Lio'2023-10-012027-09-30Transfer Learning for Biomedical Tabular Data
Youhe JiangDr E. YonekiProf. T. M. Jones2024-01-052027-09-30Distributed machine learning systems from ML Compiler perspective
Zhuo Ying Jiang LiProf. R. N. WatsonProf. A. R. Beresford2023-10-012027-09-30Software vulnerability exploitation and mitigation under CHERI memory protections
Chaitanya JoshiProf. P. Lio'Prof. A. C. Oztireli2022-01-042026-01-03Graph Neural Networks for Geometric Graphs: Theory, Engineering, and Applications
Ilia KaisinProf. N. KrishnaswamiProf. P. M. Sewell2021-10-012025-09-30Bidirectional type inference
Alex KeizerDr T. C. GrosserProf. M. Jamnik2024-01-052027-09-30Going fast without breaking things: verified optimizations in Lean
David KhachaturovProf. R. D. Mullins,
Prof. R. J. Anderson
Prof. R. J. Anderson2022-10-012026-09-30Automated security analysis of hardware systems
Oisin KimDr C. MishraProf. N. D. Lawrence2022-10-012026-09-30String geometry, machine learning, and computation.
Ceren KocaoğullarProf. A. R. BeresfordProf. R. N. Watson2021-10-012025-12-30Privacy-Preserving Local-First Software
Julia KomorowskaProf. M. Jamnik,
Prof. P. Lio'
Dr C. H. Ek2022-10-012026-09-30Foundations of Graph Representation Learning in the context of Network and Life Sciences
Michail KorakakisProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2020-10-012024-09-30Towards Educational Machine Learning
Faustyna KrawiecProf. N. KrishnaswamiProf. A. Mycroft2019-10-012024-03-31Integrating machine learning in to the IDE
Young Dae KwonProf. C. MascoloProf. A. R. Beresford2020-10-012024-09-30Efficient on-device systems that can sense, learn, and optimize continually in the wild
Nils LauermannProf. P. M. SewellProf. N. Krishnaswami2024-01-052028-01-04Multicore Semantics
De Sheng Royson LeeProf. N. D. LaneProf. C. Mascolo2021-01-052025-01-04Open Problems in Meta-Learning
Pietro LesciProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2021-10-012025-09-30Data-centric approaches to model training in NLP
Han-Bo LiProf. N. D. LawrenceDr C. Mishra2022-10-012026-09-30Optimal Transport and Probabilistic Modelling
Yufeng LiProf. M. P. FioreProf. J. Vicary2023-10-012027-09-30Syntactic and Semantic Investigations in Algebraic and Homotopy Type Theory
Hanxue LiangProf. A. C. OztireliProf. R. K. Mantiuk2022-01-042026-01-033D modeling via neural implicit representations
Yilei LiangProf. J. A. CrowcroftProf. R. M. Mortier2021-10-012025-09-30Towards Intelligent Federated Learning System
Madeline LisaiusProf. S. KeshavProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2022-10-012026-09-30Self-Supervised Learning Approaches in Earth Observation Leveraging Physical Knowledge about the Interaction of Electro-Magnetic Radiation with Vegetation Canopies as Applied to Agriculture
Yaru LiuProf. R. K. MantiukProf. A. C. Oztireli2023-10-012027-09-30Efficient representations for 3D scenes
Joycelyn LongdonProf. A. F. BlackwellProf. S. Keshav2021-10-012026-01-30Visualising forest sound
Alexandre LopoukhineDr T. C. GrosserProf. T. M. Jones2024-01-052027-01-03Leveraging Accelerated Graph Processing in Compiler Construction
Lucie Charlotte MagisterProf. P. Lio'Prof. M. Jamnik2021-10-012025-09-30Medicine in a Glass Box: Towards Explainability and Interpretability of Deep Neural Networks in Medicine
Dhruv MakwanaProf. N. KrishnaswamiProf. P. Sewell2019-10-012024-07-07Designing new low-level systems programming languages suitable for verification
Jessica ManProf. A. V. S. MadhavapeddyProf. J. A. Crowcroft2023-10-012027-09-30Trustworthy archivable decentralised identity system
Joseph MarchProf. R. K. MantiukProf. A. F. Blackwell2021-01-052025-01-04Design and Implementation of a Sparsely Sampled Path Tracer
Mila MarchevaDr W. SunProf. S. H. Teufel2023-01-042027-01-03Modeling Child Second Language Acquisition
Andrei MargeloiuProf. M. JamnikProf. P. Lio2020-10-012025-03-20Breaking the curse of dimensionality in low-data tasks
William MarinoProf. N. D. LaneProf. P. Lio'2024-01-052028-01-04Aligning Generative AI with Humanity's Interests
Tina MarjanovProf. A. J. HutchingsProf. R. J. Anderson2023-10-012027-09-30Understanding and preventing the (ab)use of stolen data in underground marketplaces
Ioannis MarkakisProf. J. VicaryProf. M. P. Fiore2020-10-012024-09-30A Computadic Approach to Multiple Categories
Simon MathisProf. P. Lio'Dr M. Clark (BAS)2021-10-012025-09-30Using artificial intelligence to understand and tackle biological impacts of climate change
Urška MatjašecProf. M. JamnikProf. P. Lio2020-10-012025-10-25Interpretable, high-performing methodology for tabular data
Hope McGovernDr A. P. CainesProf. A. J. Hutchings2021-10-012025-09-30Computational narrative understanding
Anna MészárosDr F. HuszarDr C. Mishra2023-10-012027-09-30Geometric properties of non-convex optimization algorithms in machine learning
Yoàv MontacuteProf. A. DawarProf. A. M. Pitts2020-10-012024-09-30Coalgebras and game comonads
Steven MoradProf. A. S. Prorok2021-01-052025-01-04Graph neural memory: Applying graph neural networks to partially observable reinforcement learning
Karl MoseProf. R. D. MullinsProf. T. M. Jones2023-10-012027-09-30The automatic and interactive discovery of processor microarchitectures
Jacob MossProf. P. Lio'Prof. M. Jamnik2020-10-012024-12-30Machine Learning Models of Genetic Regulation
Aamir MustafaProf. R. K. MantiukDr D. Wischik2019-10-012023-09-30Image-to-Image Translation Using Less Data and Perceptual Loss Function
Andrii NikolaievProf. S. H. Teufel2023-04-172024-09-30Mathematical texts
Omer NivronDr D. J. Wischik2020-10-012024-11-23Towards a universal correction of climate simulators to observations
Alexander NorcliffeProf. P. Lio',
Dr B. M. Dumitrascu
Dr C. H. Ek2021-10-012025-12-07Composite Feature Selection
Jack O'ConnorDr T. GurDr T. M. Sauerwald2023-10-012025-09-30Zero-knowledge proofs
Wilfred OffordProf. J. VicaryProf. N. Krishnaswami2023-10-012027-09-30New computational models of higher categories
Charlotte OutDr T. M. SauerwaldProf. M. Jamnik2022-10-012026-09-30Information Spreading on Networks
Shrankhla PandeyDr S. E. Morgan,
Dr Graham Murray, Psych
Prof. P. Lio2023-04-172027-04-16Using computational speech markers to predict relapse for individual patients with psychotic disorders
Raghul ParthipanDr D. J. Wischik2020-10-012024-09-30
Tomas PaulikProf. N. D. Lane2023-10-012027-09-30Sensor-based Edge Computing enhanced with Federated Learning
Chun-Yu PengDr M. G. KuhnDr I. J. Wassell2021-10-012025-09-30Practical single-trace attacks on post-quantum cryptographic schemes
Thibaut PéramiProf. P. M. SewellProf. N. Krishnaswami2021-10-012025-09-30System semantics
Meghan PlumridgeProf. N. D. Lane,
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Carlos PurvesProf. P. Lio'Prof. N. D. Lane2022-01-042025-09-30Reinforcement Learning on the Edge: Specialised Control Policies with Limited Resources
Kehai QiuDr I. J. Wassell2020-10-012024-09-30Machine-learning assisted radio access network planning: from outdoor to indoor
Xinchi QiuProf. N. D. LaneDr N. D. Lane2020-10-012025-01-18Optimization and efficient learning for Federated Learning
Nitarshan RajkumarDr F. Huszar,
Dr David Krueger (CUED)
Prof. N. D. Lawrence2021-10-012025-09-30Artificial Intelligence at Scale
Sanjiv RanchodProf. M. P. FioreProf. J. Vicary2022-10-012026-09-30Internal languages in computation, logic, and mathematics
Aditya RavuriProf. N. D. LawrenceDr C. H. Ek2021-10-012025-09-30Probabilistic interpretations of dimensionality reduction methods
Alexander RiceProf. J. VicaryProf. M. P. Fiore2020-10-012024-12-30Strictifying composition in weak\infty-categories
Diana RobinsonProf. A. F. BlackwellDr David Good2020-01-042024-01-03From Tools to Languages: An exploration of Bayesian Clinical Decision Support using Probabilistic Programming
Fredrik RømmingDr S. B. HoldenProf. M. Jamnik2022-10-012026-09-30Learning Abstractions for Automated Theorem Proving
Luis Saavedra Del ToroProf. A. R. BeresfordProf. C. Mascolo2021-10-012025-09-30Mobile ecosystems, application sideloading and user privacy
Lorenzo SaniProf. N. D. LaneDr E. Kalyvianaki2022-10-012027-01-31Rethinking Federated Learning
Chiara SartiProf. J. VicaryProf. M. P. Fiore2022-10-012026-09-30Word problems in higher categories
Bianca SchorProf. A. F. Blackwell,
Dr J. Singh
Prof. A. J. Hutchings2022-01-042025-01-02
Liam SelfDr I. J. Wassell,
Dr Tian Hong Loh
Dr R. K. Harle2021-10-012025-09-30UWB Location Awareness and its application in Collaborative Indoor Positioning
Yihang SheProf. S. Keshav,
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David SheetsDr J. D. Yallop,
Prof. J. A. Crowcroft
Prof. A. Mycroft2013-10-012023-05-31Resolution as a resource
Fangzheng (Bill) ShenProf. N. D. Lane2024-04-172028-04-16
Zakir SinghDr E. YonekiProf. T. M. Jones2023-10-012027-09-30Equality Saturation for Deep Learning Compilers
Ieva StaliunaiteProf. A. VlachosDr F. Huszar2022-10-012026-09-30Causality in Language: From Linguistic Theory to Causal Inference Modeling
Kamilė StankevičiūtėDr F. HuszarProf. P. Lio'2021-10-012025-09-30Capturing structure within and beyond the dataset: from inductive biases to self-supervision
Samuel StarkProf. S. W. MooreProf. R. N. Watson2022-10-012026-09-30Heterogenous Capability Domains in the context of CPUs and GPUs
Sofija StefanovicProf. A. F. Blackwell,
Jennifer Gabrys (Sociology)
Prof. S. Keshav2022-10-012026-09-30Monitoring environmental and pollution data in local contexts
David StrohmaierProf. P. J. Butteryapc312023-01-042027-01-03Neural Models of Lexical Semantic Acquisition
Marek StrongProf. A. VlachosProf. A. S. Prorok2022-10-012026-09-30Uncertainty in imitation learning
Jake Stuchbury-WassProf. C. MascoloProf. N. D. Lane2022-10-012026-09-30Investigating wearable device sensing for cardiovascular health monitoring
Tudor SuciuDr E. F. S. Shuckburgh,
Prof. N. D. Lane
2020-10-012024-09-30AI for Extreme Weather: the future of Coastal Flooding
Si SuoProf. N. KrishnaswamiProf. P. M. Sewell2024-04-172028-04-16Denotational models of bidirectional type inference
Filip SvobodaProf. N. D. LaneProf. P. Lio'2020-10-012024-09-30Learned Communication for Federated Neural Networks
Dmitrij SzamozvancevProf. N. Krishnaswami,
Prof. M. P. Fiore
Prof. M. P. Fiore2018-10-012023-02-28Second order abstract syntax for compuational reflection
Anna TalasProf. A. J. HutchingsProf. R. J. Anderson2023-10-012027-09-30Preserving privacy online during life transitions
Justin Tan Jia TianDr C. MishraDr C. H. Ek2021-10-012025-09-30String theory and machine learning
Calin TataruProf. J. VicaryProf. A. M. Pitts2020-10-012024-09-30Cubical models of higher categories
Pierre ThodoroffProf. N. D. LawrenceDr Carl Henrik Ek2020-10-012024-09-30Sequential Decision making in probabilistic models
Jonathan (Jay) TorryDr D. A. Orchard2024-01-012028-01-04Static Analysis for Climate Code
Kieron TurkProf. A. J. HutchingsProf. R. J. Anderson2021-10-012025-09-30Interactions between Technology and Domestic Abuse
Wen Hoi Gladys TyenProf. P. J. ButteryDr A. Caines2019-10-012023-09-30Providing feedback to language learners with adaptive chatbots
Szilvia Réka UjváryDr F. HuszarDr C. Mishra2023-10-012027-09-30Understanding flatness, geometry and generalization from a mathematical perspective
Francisco VargasProf. N. D. LawrenceProf. M. Jamnik2020-10-012024-09-30Dynamical Theories of Brownian Motion in Machine Learning
Anna VaughanProf. N. D. Lane2020-10-012024-12-30Functional representations for extreme weather prediction
Sotirios VavaroutasProf. C. MascoloProf. P. Lio'2022-10-012026-09-30Automating the machine learning pipeline for sparse and unlabelled data
Smita Vijaya KumarDr E. Kalyvianaki,
Prof. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy
To be appointed2019-10-012024-01-28Centralised Datacenter CPU Scheduling with Decentralised Schedulers
Mala VirdeeDr C. H. Ek,
E. Shuckberg
Prof. N. D. Lane2020-10-012025-04-24Multi-fidelity and multi-model ensemble prediction of climate extremes
Viet Anh VuProf. A. J. HutchingsProf. R. J. Anderson2022-01-042026-01-03Measurement studies of the cybercrime underground
Chunlu WangProf. A. J. HutchingsProf. P. J. Buttery2023-10-012027-09-30Effective and explainable multilingual hate speech detection in underground hacking and extremist forums
Taiyi WangDr E. YonekiProf. J. A. Crowcroft2021-10-012025-09-30Deep reinforcement learning in database management systems
Jennifer WhiteProf. S. H. TeufelProf. P. J. Buttery2020-10-012024-09-30Gender De-biasing Methods for NLP
Konrad WitaszczykProf. R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2022-10-012026-09-30Hardware-assisted compartmentalization strategies in supervisor mode code
Jichun WuProf. A. W. MooreProf. J. A. Crowcroft2023-10-012027-09-30Network systems security
Tianhao WuProf. A. C. OztireliProf. A. F. Blackwell2021-10-012025-09-30Image-based 3D Understanding via Neural Implicit Representations
Yvonne WuProf. C. MascoloProf. P. Lio'2021-10-012025-09-30Weakly-Supervised Learning for Wearable Sensing
Junwei YangProf. P. Lio'Dr John Suckling2019-10-012023-09-30Deep learning for neuroscience and back
Fei YinProf. R. K. MantiukProf. A. C. Oztireli2024-01-052028-01-033D Consistency Quality Assessment
Zhangdie YuanProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2021-10-012025-09-30On Fact-Checking with Knowledge Graphs
Andi ZhangDr D. J. WischikProf. P. Lio2019-10-012024-06-30Machine learning for discrete-structured datatypes
Haoting ZhangDr C. H. EkProf. N. D. Lawrence2021-10-012025-09-30Active Learning and Optimisation of Drug Combinations
Peter ZhangProf. T. M. JonesProf. S. W. Moore2023-01-042027-01-03Parallel software reliability for legacy binaries
Yuwei ZhangProf. C. MascoloProf. N. D. Lane2023-10-012027-09-30Robust and trustworthy decentralized learning for healthcare applications
Wanru ZhaoProf. N. D. LaneProf. R. D. Mullins2023-01-042027-01-03Data-free knowledge distillation for Personalized Federated Learning
Chenliang ZhouProf. A. C. OztireliProf. R. K. Mantiuk2021-10-012025-09-30 Language Guided 3D Generative Representations
Xiaochen ZhuProf. A. VlachosDr W. Sun2023-10-012027-09-30Secure Federated Fine-Tuning For Foundation Models