Department of Computer Science and Technology

List of current PhD students

Data source: The table below is automatically generated from the Research_Students table on the departmental SQL server, maintained by Lise Gough, to whom enquiries about these records should be addressed.

second adviser startedexpected finishsubject
Guy AglionbyProf. S. H. TeufelDr P. J. Buttery2018-10-012022-09-30A neural-network-based attention mechanism for text summarisation
Mansoor AhmedProf. R. J. AndersonDr R. N. Watson2017-10-012021-09-30Effective governance by and of blockchain
Nathanael AlcockProf. M. P. FioreProf. A. M. Pitts2018-10-012022-09-30Meta-languages in and for type theories
Anwaar AliProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Dr A. Sathiaseelan
Dr J. Singh, Prof. R. J. Anderson2017-04-172021-04-16Effective governance by and of blockchain
Hesham AlmataryDr R. N. WatsonProf. R. J. Anderson2018-04-172022-04-16CHERI architecture
Helena Andres TerreProf. P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2015-10-012019-12-15Cell decision making, integration of structural, genetic and epigenetic data
Edward AyersDr M. Jamnik2016-10-012020-09-30Automated explanatory web mathematician
Tiago AzevedoProf. P. Lio',
Prof. M. Spillantini
Dr T. Rittman2016-10-012020-09-30Machine Learning for personalised systems medicine
Daniel BruderProf. S. H. TeufelProf. E. J. Briscoe2016-10-012020-09-30Graph-based operational transformations and semantic version management for multi-hierarchical non-linear text archives
Marco Caballero GutierrezProf. J. A. CrowcroftDr R. M. Mortier2016-10-012020-09-30Multi-radio wireless ad-hoc routing
Leran CaiDr T. M. SauerwaldProf. A. Dawar2016-10-012020-09-30Network algorithms based on Markov Chains
Catalina CangeaProf. P. Lio'Dr M. Jamnik2017-10-012021-09-30Machine learning for multimodal data
Mario CekicDr T. G. GriffinProf. M. P. Fiore2016-10-012020-09-30Develop high-level specifications for optimisation problems
Alex ChadwickDr R. D. MullinsDr R. N. Watson2015-10-012020-08-09Design of operating systems for many-core systems
Yiwen ChenProf. S. H. TeufelDr E. Yoneki2019-01-042023-01-03Generation of Haiku Explanations
Nikhil ChuramaniDr H. GunesProf. A. F. Blackwell2018-10-012022-09-30Affective Mechanisms for Modelling Lifelong Human-Robot Relationships
James ClarkeDr R. N. WatsonProfessor S. W. Moore2018-10-012022-09-30CHERI: Privilege separation through multiprocess compartmentalisation
Adam ConnollyProf. A. DawarProf. G. Winskel2018-10-012022-09-30Graph Isomorphism and Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Mistral ContrastinDr A. C. RiceProf. A. Mycroft2016-10-012020-09-30Static verification of scientific programs
Paula CzarnowskaProf. A. A. CopestakeDr P. J. Buttery2017-10-012021-09-30In search of meaning universals: Expolring morpheme semantics across different languages
Krittika D'SilvaProf. C. MascoloProf. J. A. Crowcroft2016-10-012020-09-30Temporal models of urban human mobility
Christopher DavisDr P. J. ButteryProf. A. A. Copestake2017-10-012021-09-30Using multimodal models to facilitate adaptive language learning
Benjamin DayProf. P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2017-10-012021-09-30Developing AI inspired by statistical physics
Jacob DeasyProf. P. Lio'Prof. A. F. Blackwell2018-10-012022-09-30Machine learning in emergency care
Botty DimanovDr M. JamnikDr P. Lio2016-10-012020-09-30Interpretable deep learning
Giovanna maria DimitriProf. P. Lio'Prof. C. Mascolo2015-10-012019-09-30Development of network methodologies for brain data modelling
Michael DodsonDr A. R. Beresfordrkh232018-10-012022-09-30Sensor and control-system security
György DénesDr R. K. MantiukProf. P. Robinson2016-10-012020-09-30Terrain modelling
Mark ElliottDr P. J. ButteryProf. E. J. Briscoe2018-04-172022-04-16The application of measurement in the evaluation of automated assessment models
Christopher ElsbyProf. A. MycroftDr A. C. Rice2015-10-012019-09-30Idiomatic inter-language compilation
Lawrence EsswoodDr R. N. WatsonProf. R. J. Anderson2015-10-012019-09-30Automated Software Exploitation and Mitigation
Youmna FaragProf. E. J. BriscoeTBA2016-10-012020-09-30Computational models of discourse
Ayat FekryProf. A. HopperDr I. J. Wassell2016-10-012020-09-30Provenance for Accelerating Big Data Analytics
Andrea FerliniProf. C. MascoloDr A. R. Beresford2019-01-042023-01-03Mobile and wearable sensing for health diagnostics
Shaked FlurProf. P. M. SewellProf. S. W. Moore2013-10-012018-01-04ARM concurrency
Salvator GaleaDr A. W. MooreDr Gianni Antichi2017-10-012021-09-30Traffic measurements with programmable data planes
Andreas GrammenosProf. C. MascoloDr R. N. Watson2016-10-012020-09-30Streaming analytics over dynamic, heterogeneous high dimensional data
Ran GuanDr R. K. HarleDr I. J. Wassell2015-10-012019-09-30Robust Indoor positioning
Veronica GuidettiDr I. J. WassellDr R. K. Harle2016-01-042020-03-30Sparsity aided cognitive learning in signal classification and reconstruction
Xuan GuoDr R. D. MullinsDr T. M. Jones2018-10-012022-09-30The generation of hardware accelerators from high-level program descriptions
Brett GutsteinDr R. N. Watsonswm112018-10-012022-09-30Effective and Efficient Protection from Malicious Peripheral Devices
Apinan HasthanasombatProf. C. MascoloDr D. Wischik2018-10-012022-09-30Transferring causal models into spatio-temporal data analytics
Kevin HeffernanProf. S. H. TeufelProf. E. J. Briscoe2015-10-012019-09-30Argumentation Patterns in Scientific Discourse
Mohibi HussainProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Dr A. Sathiaseelan
Prof. C. Mascolo2015-10-012019-09-30Design analysis of future Internet technologies for overcoming the global digital divide
Joseph IsaacsDr T. M. JonesProf. A. Mycroft2017-10-012021-09-30Extracting ultra-fine-grained program parallelism
Andrej IvaskovicProf. A. MycroftDr N. Amin; Dr N. Krisnaswami (WEF 1/10/19)2018-10-012022-09-30Algebraic Coeffects
Akshay JindalDr R. K. MantiukDr D. Wischik2019-01-042023-01-03Rendering for future display technologies
David Kaloper MersinjakDr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy,
Prof. P. M. Sewell
Prof. P. M. Sewell2016-01-042020-01-03A re-engineered approach to security protocol specification and implementation
Robert KovacsicsProf. S. W. MooreDr R. D. Mullins2016-10-012020-09-30Security for the Internet of Things devices
Alexander KuhnleProf. A. A. CopestakeDr S. Clark2015-10-012019-09-30Evaluating multi-modal deep learning with micro worlds
Qingbiao LiDr A. S. ProrokDr T. M. Sauerwald2018-10-012022-09-30Learning Resilient Robot Team Coordination
Nandor LickerDr T. M. JonesProf. A. Mycroft2018-10-012022-09-30Cross-language post-link optimisations
Amandla MabonaDr S. ClarkProf. E. J. Briscoe2015-10-012019-09-30Logic-based word and phrase embeddings
Partha MajiDr R. D. MullinsProf. S. W. Moore2016-01-042020-05-04Model-architecture co-design of deep neural network for embedded systems
Chaitanya ManglaProf. L. C. Paulson,
Dr S. B. Holden
Prof. L. Paulson2016-10-012020-09-30Machine Learning for Automated Theorem Proving
Dionysios ManousakasProf. C. MascoloDr M. Jamnik2016-10-012020-12-30Mobile user modelling: Towards intelligent privacy aware collaborative sensing
Mariana-Cristina MarasoiuProf. A. F. BlackwellProf. N. A. Dodgson2015-10-012019-09-30End-User Programming of Visualizations
Alfredo MazzinghiDr R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2016-10-012020-09-30Spatial memory safety and compartmentalization in the CheriBSD kernal
Dylan McDermottProf. A. MycroftProf. A. M. Pitts2016-10-012021-01-04Coeffects
Aliaksei MikhailiukDr R. K. MantiukDr H. Gunes2017-10-012021-09-30Quantifying quality of hyper-realistic images
Aida MiralaeiDr T. M. JonesDr R. D. Mullins2017-10-012021-09-30Energy efficient in-memory approach for binary convolutional neural network
Russell MooreDr P. J. ButteryDr A. C. Rice2016-01-042021-01-04Inferring knowledge-domain structure from student data
Ewa MuszynskaProf. A. A. CopestakeProf. E. J. Briscoe2015-10-012019-09-30Sentence chunking
Kyndylan NienhuisProf. P. M. SewellProf. M. J. C. Gordon2013-10-012017-09-30Verifying the correctness of compartmentalisation in CHERI
Helen OliverProf. J. A. CrowcroftDr R. M. Mortier2016-10-012020-09-30Obstacles to wearable computing
Hugo PaquetProf. G. WinskelProf. M. P. Fiore2015-10-012019-09-30Probabilistic programming with strategies
Jovan PowarDr A. R. BeresfordDr R. K. Harle2017-10-012021-09-30Privacy techniques for mobile computing
Lorena QendroProf. C. MascoloDr A. R. Beresford2018-10-012022-09-30Improving Machine Learning for Embedded and Mobile Systems
Allison RandalDr R. M. MortierDr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2018-01-042022-01-03Characterising Computational Density in Datacentres
Alexandre RaymondDr A. S. Prorok,
Dr H. Gunes
Dr A. R. Beresford2018-10-012022-09-30Equipping autonomous marine vehicles with intelligent interaction capabilities
Olesya RazuvayevskayaProf. S. H. TeufelProf. A. A. Copestake2015-10-012019-09-30Computational methods for enthymeme reconstruction
Alexander RichardsonDr R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2015-10-012019-09-30The implications of capability-system design for persistent memory technologies
Emma RocheteauProf. P. Lio'Dr M. Jamnik2017-10-012021-09-30Predicting outcomes in psychiatric disorders using automated reinforcement-learning analysis of electronic health records
Peter RuggProf. S. W. MooreDr R. N. Watson2018-10-012022-09-30Secure microprocessors
Hayk SaribekyanDr T. M. SauerwaldDr M. Jamnik2017-10-012021-09-30Information spreading in distributed computing
Philip SavilleProf. M. P. FioreProf. A. M. Pitts2015-10-012019-09-30Connections between higher-dimensional category theory and the metatheory of type theory
Michael SchaarschmidtDr E. YonekiProf.J. A. Crowcroft2015-10-012019-09-30Deep reinforcement learning in cloud data management
Paul SchererProf. P. Lio',
Dr M. Jamnik
Dr S. B. Holden2019-01-042023-01-03Utilization of graph structured data in machine learning for oncology
Omer SellaDr A. W. Moore,
Dr N. Zilberman
Prof. J. A. Crowcroft2017-10-012021-09-30Adaptive network fabrics for rackscale
Ilia ShumailovProf. R. J. AndersonDr R. N. Watson2017-10-012021-09-30Behavioural manipulation of robotic herds
Ben SimnerProf. P. M. SewellProf. S. W. Moore2018-10-012022-09-30Architectural systems semantics
Simeon SpasovProf. P. Lio',
Prof. M. Spillantini (ClinMed)
Dr M. Jamnik2016-10-012019-09-30Semi-supervised learning methods for data-scarce computer vision tasks
Dimitrios SpathisProf. C. MascoloDr Jason Rentfrow2017-10-012021-09-30Multi-task and multi-modal deep learning on heterogenous mobile sensing data
Pablo Spivakovsky-GonzalezProf. P. Lio'Dr Melissa Clark (BAS)2015-10-012019-09-30Cold Fish
Roy SplietDr R. D. MullinsProf. S. W. Moore2015-10-012019-09-30Parallel accelerators for hard real-time systems
Yiannos StathopoulosProf. S. H. TeufelDr S. Clark2013-10-012017-12-30Retrieval of mathematical concepts via deep indexing
Shaun SteenkampProf. A. M. PittsProfessor M. P. Fiore2018-10-012022-09-30Homotopy Type Theory
Aaron StockdillDr M. JamnikDr S. B. Holden2017-10-012021-09-30Automating representation change across domains for reasoning
Domagoj StolfaDr R. N. WatsonDr A. R. Beresford2017-10-012021-09-30Developing new tracing methodologies in virtualized environments
Peng SunDr T. M. JonesProf. A. Mycroft2015-10-012019-09-30Enhancing Automatic Parallelisation Through Dynamic Adaptation
Dmitrij SzamozvancevDr N. KrishnaswamiTo be agreed2018-10-012022-09-30Semantics of contextual modal type theory
Agnieszka SłowikDr S. B. Holden,
Dr M. Jamnik
Dr D. Wischik2019-01-042023-01-03Machine Learning for Theorem Proving
Zahra TarkhaniDr A. V. S. MadhavapeddyProf. J. A. Crowcroft2018-01-042022-01-03Trusted computation on untrusted Cloud
James ThorneDr A. VlachosProf. A. A. Copestake2019-01-042021-01-03Interpretable Automation of Information Verification and Fact Checking
Nicholas TimmonsDr A. C. RiceProf. A. Mycroft2017-10-012021-09-30Software-based approximate computing
Danny VagnozziProf. A. DawarProf. A. M. Pitts2017-10-012021-09-30Graph Isomorphism
Marno Van Der MaasProf. S. W. MooreDr R. N. Watson2017-10-012021-09-30Private Application Execution
Diana VasileDr A. R. BeresfordDr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2015-04-102020-04-16Improving the delivery of security updates in distributed systems
Alexander Michael VetterlProf. R. J. AndersonDr A. R. Beresford2016-10-012020-09-30A virtual honeypot for the Internet of Things
Duo WangProf. P. Lio',
Dr M. Jamnik
Prof. C. Mascolo2016-10-012020-09-30Bridging Computer Science with Neuroscience towards a new understanding of reasoning
Mark WassellProf. P. M. SewellProf. A. M. Pitts2016-10-012020-09-30Tool support for semantics
Conrad WattProf. P. M. SewellProf. A. Mycroft2016-10-012020-09-30Formalising WebAssembly: the new language of the Net
Kawin WorrasangasilpaProf. L. C. PaulsonProf. A. Dawar2017-01-052021-01-04Formal Verification and Graph Algorithms
Huiyuan XieProf. A. A. CopestakeDr S. H. Teufel2018-10-012022-09-30Generating High-Quality Captions for Images
Nanyang YeDr R. K. MantiukDr H. Gunes2016-10-012020-09-30Visibility metric and its application in visually lossless image compression
Shih-Chun YouDr M. G. KuhnDr S. Skorobogatov2018-10-012022-09-30Side-channel analysis of cryptographic algorithms
Dingcheng YueDr R. K. MantiukProf. A. F. Blackwell2018-10-012022-09-30Hyper-realistic displays
Ahmed ZaidiDr P. J. ButteryProf. E. J. Briscoe2016-10-012020-09-30Reinforcement learning for adaptive tutoring
Joseph ZammitDr I. J. Wassell,
Dr. Ashwin A Seshia (CUED)
Dr R. K. Harle2016-10-012019-09-30Real-time compressive sensing imagine systems
Jiexin ZhangDr A. R. BeresfordDr A. C. Rice2017-10-012021-09-30Privacy and security protection for mobile devices
Jianxin ZhaoProf. J. A. CrowcroftDr R. M. Mortier2015-10-012019-09-30Personal data: Privacy enhancing databox
Yiren ZhaoDr R. D. MullinsDr T. M. Jones2017-10-012021-09-30Software and hardware codesign for efficient neural networks
Fangcheng ZhongDr R. K. MantiukProf. A. F. Blackwell2018-10-012022-09-30Visual Perception in VR and Hyper-realistic Displays
Xiao ZhouProf. C. Mascolo2015-10-012019-09-30Culture-led Urban Development in Geo-Social Network: Measurement, Analysis and Applications
Jin ZhuProf. P. Lio'Dr M. G. Kuhn2016-10-012020-09-30Deep neural networks for medical image segmentation