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Department of Computer Science and Technology

List of PhD students

List of current PhD students

List of current PhD students

Data source: The table below is automatically generated from the Research_Students table on the departmental SQL server, maintained by Lise Gough, to whom enquiries about these records should be addressed.

second adviser startedexpected finishsubject
Nida AbbasiDr H. GunesProf. A. F. Blackwell2020-10-012024-09-30Developing a framework for age-appropriate mental and cognitive wellbeing screening for children - a multimodal robotised approach
Guy AglionbyProf. S. H. TeufelDr P. J. Buttery2018-10-012022-09-30A neural-network-based attention mechanism for text summarisation
Sami AlabedDr E. YonekiProf. J. A. Crowcroft2019-10-012023-09-30Intelligent distributed stream processors
Anwaar AliProf. J. A. Crowcroft,
Dr A. Sathiaseelan
Dr J. Singh, Prof. R. J. Anderson2017-04-172021-07-31Effective governance by and of blockchain
Hesham AlmataryProf. R. N. WatsonProf. R. J. Anderson2018-04-172022-04-16CHERI architecture
Rami AlyProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2020-10-012024-09-30Claim Verification Over Unstructured and Structured Information
Mahwish ArifProf. T. M. Jones2020-10-012025-03-31A full-coverage, low-overhead and accessible software framework for binary security
Jose Atondo SiuDr A. J. HutchingsProf. R. J. Anderson2020-10-012024-09-30Using NLP and ML to identify investment scam lures
Minja AxelssonDr H. GunesProf. A. F. Blackwell2020-10-012024-09-30Computational Behaviour Generation for a Robotic Well-being Coach
Edward AyersProf. M. JamnikIgnore - not our student2016-10-012020-09-30Automated explanatory web mathematician
Tiago AzevedoProf. P. Lio',
Prof. M. Spillantini
Dr T. Rittman2016-10-012020-09-30Machine Learning for personalised systems medicine
Stefanos BakirtzisDr I. J. WassellDr R. K. Harle2020-10-012024-09-30Characterizing mobile service demands and optimal indoor radio access network deployment for 5G and beyond systems
Pietro BarbieroProf. P. Lio'Prof. M. Jamnik2020-10-012024-09-30Neurosymbolic Models of Biomedical Twins
Samuel BellProf. N. D. LawrenceProf. Z. Kourtzi2018-10-012022-12-31
David BerryProf. M. P. Fiore,
Prof. J. Vicary
Prof. A. M. Pitts2021-10-012025-09-30Type Theories of Groupoids
Matteo BettiniProf. A. S. ProrokProf. M. Jamnik2021-10-012025-09-30Environment Shaping for Multi-Agent Mobility
Peter Blandford-BakerProf. R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2020-10-012024-09-30Enabling High-Performance Software Compartmentalization using CHERI Co-Processes
Virginia BlessingProf. A. R. BeresfordDr A. Hutchings2021-10-012025-09-30Anonymous Communications for Mobile Devices
Jan BlumenkampProf. A. S. ProrokDr C. Oztireli2020-10-012024-09-30Learning communication for real-world multi-agent systems
Cristian BodnarProf. P. Lio'Prof. M. Jamnik2019-10-012023-09-30Geometric and Topological Deep Learning
Erika BondarevaProf. C. MascoloDr H. Gunes2019-10-012023-09-30Machine learning for automated auscultation: disease diagnostics and progression tracking through audio signals
Nicholas BoucherProf. R. J. AndersonProf. A. R. Beresford2020-10-012024-09-30The protection of democratic mechanisms
Edward BrownProf. N. D. Lane2020-10-012024-09-30Deep Learning applied to Solar Imaging in Space Weather Forecasting
David ButerezProf. P. Lio'Prof. M. Jamnik2020-10-012024-09-30
Kayla-Jade ButkowProf. C. MascoloProf. A. R. Beresford2020-10-012024-09-30Multimodal Earable Sensing Platform for Stress Detection and Monitoring
Alexander CampbellProf. P. Lio'Prof. John Suckling2019-10-012021-09-30To be agreed
Annabelle CarrellDr F. HuszarProf. N. D. Lawrence2021-10-012025-09-30Understanding Generalisation of Gradient-Based Learning in Deep Neural Networks
Alex ChadwickDr R. D. MullinsDr R. N. Watson2015-10-012021-08-09Design of operating systems for many-core systems
Yiwen ChenProf. S. H. TeufelDr E. Yoneki2019-01-042023-01-03Generation of Haiku Explanations
Julius ChengProf. A. VlachosProf. P. J. Buttery2021-01-042025-01-04Exploring the use dynamic oracles in imitation learning
Jiaee CheongDr H. Gunes,
Prof. P. Lio'
2020-10-012023-09-30A Causal Approach towards Fairness in Facial Affect Recognition
Nikhil ChuramaniDr H. GunesProf. A. F. Blackwell2018-10-012022-09-30Lifelong learning of affect in social robots
Jessica ClarkeProf. R. N. WatsonProfessor S. W. Moore2018-10-012022-09-30Optimising Code for Modern Instruction Set-based Capability Systems
Paula CzarnowskaProf. A. A. CopestakeDr P. J. Buttery2017-10-012022-04-11In search of meaning universals: Expolring morpheme semantics across different languages
Oluwatomisin DadaProf. N. D. Lawrence,
Dr Christian Steinrucken, CUED
Dr C. H. Ek2022-04-102026-04-09Reinforcement Learning in Disaggregated Energy Systems
Christopher DavisProf. P. J. ButteryProf. A. A. Copestake2017-10-012022-07-04Using multimodal models to facilitate adaptive language learning
Benjamin DayProf. P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2017-10-012022-01-30Developing AI inspired by statistical physics
Jacob DeasyProf. P. Lio'Prof. A. F. Blackwell2018-10-012022-09-30Machine learning in emergency care
Christine De KockProf. A. VlachosDr R. D. Cotterell2019-10-012023-09-30Successful factors of online conversations
Richard Diehl MartinezProf. P. J. ButteryDr W. Sun2021-10-012025-09-30Cognitively-Inspired Meta-Learning Algorithms for Transfer Learning
Nikola DodikDr A. C. OztireliDr R. K. Mantiuk2022-04-10Neural Representations for Differential Geometry
Petr DolezalProf. S. KeshavProf. J. A. Crowcroft2020-10-012024-09-30Complementarity of renewable energy sources across supergrids
Iulia DutaProf. P. Lio'Prof. C. Mascolo2021-10-012025-09-30Temporal Consistency for Dynamic Graph Representation
Chelsea EdmondsProf. L. C. PaulsonProf. M. Jamnik2019-10-012023-09-30Formal Proof Techniques for Combinatorial Structures in Isabelle/HOL
Ioannis EleftheriadisProf. A. DawarDr J. Vicary2021-10-012025-09-30Categorical methods in finite model theory
Mark ElliottProf. P. J. ButteryProf. E. J. Briscoe2018-04-172022-04-16The application of measurement in the evaluation of automated assessment models
Dimitrije ErdeljanDr M. G. KuhnDr I. J. Wassell2019-10-012023-09-30Device detection based on compromising emanations
Marton ErdosProf. T. M. JonesDr R. D. Mullins2020-10-012024-09-30In-core speculative multithreading
Mateo Espinosa ZarlengaProf. M. JamnikDr S. B. Holden2021-10-012025-09-30Learning to Explain: Concept-based Interpretability in Deep Neural Networks for Medical Diagnosis
Andrea FerliniProf. C. MascoloDr A. R. Beresford2019-01-042023-01-03Multi-modal in-ear sensing platform to sense behavioural cues
Felipe Ferreira SantosProf. A. DawarTBC2020-01-042024-01-03 Lower Bound Methods for Space-Restricted Complexity Classes
Arduin FindeisProf. S. KeshavProf. J. A. Crowcroft2021-10-012025-09-30Using Reinforcement Learning to Control Grid-connected Energy Systems
Paris FloodProf. P. Lio'Dr A. S. Prorok2019-10-012023-09-30Machine Learning for personalized healthcare
Franz FuchsProf. S. W. MooreProf. R. N. Watson2021-10-01Transient-Execution Attacks and Mitigations using Capability-based Memory Protection
Salvator GaleaProf. A. W. MooreDr Gianni Antichi2017-10-012022-06-28Traffic measurements with programmable data planes
Dapeng GaoProf. R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2021-10-012025-09-30Compartmentalising Software for CHERI
Hongyun GaoDr R. K. MantiukDr A. C. Oztireli2022-01-042026-01-03Computational Photography
Yan GaoProf. N. D. Lane2020-10-012024-09-30Decentralized Training of Acoustic Models for Speech Recognition
Rory GeesonDr S. B. Holden,
Prof. P. Lio'
Dobrik GeorgievProf. P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2020-10-012024-09-30Neural algorithmic reasoning for computer science and biomedicine
Jad Elkhaleq GhalayiniDr N. KrishnaswamiProf. P. M. Sewell2021-10-01Foundations of Bidirectional Type Inference
Jennifer GielisProf. A. S. Prorokawm112021-10-01Coupled Navigation-Networking Techniques for Mobile Robot Systems
Fazilet GokbudakDr A. C. OztireliDr H. Gunes2020-10-012024-09-30Structured Filters for Image-based Scene Manipulations
Ivan Mauro Gomes RibeiroProf. S. W. MooreProf. R. N. Watson2021-10-012025-09-30Secure Systems-on-Chip
Sian GoodingProf. E. J. BriscoeProf. Paula Buttery2019-10-012023-09-30Text Simplification for Language Learning
Zebulon GorielyProf. P. J. ButteryProf. S. H. Teufel2021-10-012025-09-30Learning representations of language learners
Katherine GreenDr B. M. Dumitrascu,
Dr Simeon Hill (BAS)
TBC2021-10-012025-09-30Understanding Ecosystem Dynamics for Marine Conservation
Siyuan GuoDr F. HuszarProf. N. D. Lawrence2021-10-012025-09-30Causal Representation Learning with Deep Neural Networks
Xuan GuoDr R. D. MullinsDr T. M. Jones2018-10-012022-09-30Efficient virtual memory and inter-core communication in heterogeneous many-core systems
Brett GutsteinProf. R. N. WatsonProf. S. W. Moore2018-10-012022-09-30Improving C-language memory safety with CHERI
Rowan Hall MaudslayProf. S. H. TeufelProf. P. J. Buttery2020-10-012024-09-30Productive Metaphor in the Lexicon
Angus HammondDr N. Krishnaswami,
Prof. P. M. Sewell
Prof. A. M. Pitts2019-10-012023-09-30Program logics for realistic ISAs
Param HanjiDr R. K. MantiukDr A. C. Oztireli2019-10-012023-09-30Computational Photography for Realistic Rendering
Charles HarrisProf. P. Lio',
Sir T. Blundell (DAMTP)
Dr A. Floto2021-10-012025-09-30AI for structural biology, drug discovery and protein design
Apinan HasthanasombatProf. C. MascoloDr D. Wischik2018-10-012022-09-30Continual causal learning in personal analytics
Guoliang HeDr E. YonekiProf. J. A. Crowcroft2021-10-012025-09-30Optimising Computer Systems using Bayesian Optimisation with Structure
Amelia HolcombProf. S. KeshavProf. J. A. Crowcroft2021-10-012025-09-303. Technological Advancements for Monitoring Forest Ecosystems
Daniel HugenrothProf. A. R. BeresfordProf. C. Mascolo2019-10-012023-09-30Strong metadata-privacy for mobile devices and group communication
Jack HughesDr A. J. HutchingsProf. A. R. Beresford2019-10-012023-09-30Using machine learning and big data approaches to understand the role of gaming within cybercrime pathways on underground discussion platforms
Dan Andrei IliescuDr D. J. WischikDr H. Gunes2019-10-012023-09-30An environment for data interaction, with machine learning support
Joseph IsaacsProf. T. M. JonesProf. A. Mycroft2017-10-012022-07-07Extracting ultra-fine-grained program parallelism
Al Amjad Tawfiq IsstaifProf. R. M. MortierProf. J. A. Crowcroft2020-10-012024-09-30Autoscaling Applications at the Network Edge
Andrew JefferyProf. R. M. MortierProf. J. A. Crowcroft2020-10-012024-09-30Decentralised Cluster Orchestration
Christopher JensenProf. R. M. MortierDr Heidi Howard2020-10-012024-09-30Reconfigurable Consensus
Albert JiangProf. M. JamnikProf. A. S. Prorok2021-10-012025-09-30Learning Abstract Mathematical Reasoning
Akshay JindalDr R. K. MantiukDr D. Wischik2019-01-042023-01-03Rendering for future display technologies
Chaitanya JoshiProf. P. Lio'Dr A. C. Oztireli2022-01-042026-01-03Graph neural networks based Combinatorial optimisation in computational biology and medicine
Ilia KaisinDr N. KrishnaswamiProf. P. M. Sewell2021-10-012025-09-30Bidirectional type inference
David Kaloper MersinjakProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy,
Prof. P. M. Sewell
Prof. P. M. Sewell2016-01-042020-01-03A re-engineered approach to security protocol specification and implementation
Georgi KaradzhovProf. A. VlachosDr R. D. Cotterell2019-10-012023-09-30Deliberation Enhancing Bots
Dmitry KazhdanProf. M. Jamnik,
Prof. P. Lio'
Prof. N. D. Lawrence2019-10-012023-09-30Learning the next generation of drug targets by modelling diseases, targets and their relationships
Ceren KocaoğullarProf. A. R. BeresfordProf. R. N. Watson2021-10-012025-09-30Privacy-Preserving Local-First Software
Michail KorakakisProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2020-10-012024-09-30Towards Educational Machine Learning
Ryan KortvelesyProf. A. S. ProrokProf. A. R. Beresford2019-10-012023-09-30Graph Attention Networks for Intelligent Coordination in Autonomous Multi-Agent Systems
Faustyna KrawiecDr N. KrishnaswamiProf. A. Mycroft2019-10-012023-09-30Integrating machine learning in to the IDE
Young Dae KwonProf. C. MascoloProf. A. R. Beresford2020-10-012024-09-30Efficient on-device systems that can sense, learn, and optimize continually in the wild
De Sheng Royson LeeProf. N. D. LaneProf. C. Mascolo2021-01-052025-01-04Open Problems in Meta-Learning
Michelle LeeDr J. SinghProf. J. A. Crowcroft2019-10-012023-09-30Automating the assessment of contextual fairness trade-offs in machine learning
Pietro LesciProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2021-10-012025-09-30Meta-learning for Natural Language Processing
Qingbiao LiProf. A. S. ProrokDr T. M. Sauerwald2018-10-012022-09-30Learning-based methods for path planning in heterogeous robot teams
Hanxue LiangDr A. C. OztireliDr R. K. Mantiuk2022-01-04Self-Supervised Learing for 3D Feature Representation
Yilei LiangProf. J. A. CrowcroftProf. R. M. Mortier2021-10-012025-09-30Federated edge machine learning
Edgaras LiberisProf. N. D. LaneDr R. D. Mullins2020-10-012024-09-30Efficient deep learning in resource-constrained environments
Nandor LickerProf. T. M. JonesProf. A. Mycroft2018-10-012022-09-30Cross-language post-link optimisations
Joycelyn LongdonProf. A. F. BlackwellProf. S. Keshav2021-10-012025-09-30Monitoring Ghanaian forest biodiversity and health with bioacoustics, machine learning and indigenous knowledge
Dimitrios LosDr T. M. SauerwaldDr A. Vlachos2019-10-012023-09-30Load Balancing for Online Problems
Lucie Charlotte MagisterProf. P. Lio'Prof. M. Jamnik2021-10-012025-09-30Medicine in a Glass Box: Towards the Explainability and Interpretability of Deep Learning in Medicine
Dhruv MakwanaDr N. KrishnaswamiProf. P. Sewell2020-04-102024-04-09Designing new low-level systems programming languages suitable for verification
Chaitanya ManglaProf. L. C. Paulson,
Dr S. B. Holden
Prof. L. Paulson2016-10-012021-12-18Machine Learning for Automated Theorem Proving
Joseph MarchDr R. K. MantiukProf. A. F. Blackwell2021-01-042025-01-04Design and Implementation of a Sparsely Sampled Path Tracer
Andrei MargeloiuProf. M. JamnikProf. P. Lio2020-10-012024-09-30Breaking the curse of dimensionality in low-data tasks
Ioannis MarkakisProf. J. VicaryProf. M. P. Fiore2020-10-012024-09-30A Computadic Approach to Multiple Categories
Simon MathisProf. P. Lio'Dr M. Clark (BAS)2021-10-012025-09-30machine learning and Bioinformatics methods to detect climate changes signatures
Urška MatjašecProf. M. JamnikProf. P. Lio2020-10-012024-09-30Interpretable, high-performing methodology for tabular data
Hope McGovernDr A. P. CainesDr A. J. Hutchings2021-10-012025-09-30Natural language processing of religious texts
Eric MeissnerProf. N. D. LawrenceDr R. M. Mortier2020-01-042024-01-03Fairness, Social Choice Theory and Machine Learning
Aida MiralaeiProf. T. M. JonesDr R. D. Mullins2017-10-012022-01-08Energy efficient in-memory approach for binary convolutional neural network
Yoàv MontacuteProf. A. DawarProf. A. M. Pitts2020-10-012024-09-30Coalgebras and game comonads
Steven MoradProf. A. S. Prorok2021-01-052025-01-04Graph neural memory: Applying graph neural networks to partially observable reinforcement learning
Jacob MossProf. P. Lio'Prof. M. Jamnik2020-10-012024-09-30Machine Learning Models of Genetic Regulation
Aamir MustafaDr R. K. MantiukDr D. Wischik2019-10-012023-09-30Image-to-Image Translation Using Less Data and Perceptual Loss Function
Omer NivronDr D. J. Wischik2020-10-012024-09-30Towards a universal correction of climate simulators to observations
Alexander NorcliffeProf. P. Lio',
Dr B. M. Dumitrascu
Dr C. H. Ek2021-10-012025-09-30Deep Learning and Neural ODEs for Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting in Medical Prognosis
Adam O' ConghaileProf. A. DawarProf. A. M. Pitts2018-10-012022-09-30Resources and coresources: compositional methods in finite model theory and descriptive complexity
Felix OpolkaProf. P. Lio'TBA2019-10-012023-09-30Bayesian methods for inference on static and dynamic graphs
Andrei PaleyesProf. N. D. LawrenceDr R. M. Mortier2020-01-042024-01-03Frameworks for Surrogate Modelling and Emulation
Raghul ParthipanDr D. J. Wischik2020-10-012024-09-30
Chun-Yu PengDr M. G. KuhnDr I. J. Wassell2021-10-01Side-channel security of post-quantum cryptography algorithms
Thibaut PéramiProf. P. M. SewellDr N. Krishnaswami2021-10-012025-09-30System semantics
Tiago Pimentel Martins Da SilvaProf. S. H. Teufel,
Dr R. D. Cotterell
Dr R. Cotterell2019-10-012023-09-30Assessing Phonotactics
Jovan PowarProf. A. R. Beresford,
Dr J. Singh
Dr R. K. Harle2017-10-012022-04-16Privacy techniques for mobile computing
Carlos PurvesProf. P. Lio'Prof. N. D. Lane2022-01-04Reinforcement Learning on the Edge: Specialised Control Policies with Limited Resources
Lorena QendroProf. C. MascoloDr A. R. Beresford2018-10-012023-01-19Uncertainty aware mobile sensing: Exploiting uncertainty estimations to inform sensor fusion and model selection
Kehai QiuDr I. J. Wassell2020-10-012024-09-30Machine-learning assisted radio access network planning: from outdoor to indoor
Xinchi QiuProf. N. D. LaneDr N. D. Lane2020-10-012024-09-30Optimization and efficient learning for Federated Learning
Nitarshan RajkumarDr F. Huszar,
Dr David Krueger (CUED)
Prof. N. D. Lawrence2021-10-012025-09-30Robust Generalisation in Deep Learning
Allison RandalProf. R. M. MortierDr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2018-01-042022-01-04Characterising Computational Density in Datacentres
Aditya RavuriProf. N. D. LawrenceDr C. H. Ek2021-10-012025-09-30Unsupervised Gaussian Process Models in Biological Data
Alexandre RaymondProf. A. S. Prorok,
Dr H. Gunes
Dr A. R. Beresford2018-10-012022-09-30Explainable path planning
Alexander RiceProf. J. VicaryProf. M. P. Fiore2020-10-012024-09-30Strictifying composition in weak\infty-categories
Diana RobinsonProf. A. F. BlackwellDr David Good2020-01-042024-01-03From Tools to Languages: An exploration of Bayesian Clinical Decision Support using Probabilistic Programming
Emma RocheteauProf. P. Lio'Dr M. Jamnik2017-10-012022-04-15Predicting outcomes in psychiatric disorders using automated reinforcement-learning analysis of electronic health records
Peter RuggProf. S. W. MooreDr R. N. Watson2018-10-012022-09-30Efficient microarchitecture for capability machines
Luis Saavedra Del ToroProf. A. R. BeresfordProf. C. Mascolo2021-10-01Security and privacy in smart cities
Vadim SafronovProf. R. M. MortierProf. J. A. Crowcroft2019-10-012023-09-30Towards Distributed and Protocol-Independent IoT Interoperation in Smart Buildings]
Paul SchererProf. P. Lio',
Prof. M. Jamnik
Dr S. B. Holden2019-01-042023-01-03Utilization of graph structured data in machine learning for oncology
Bianca SchorProf. A. F. Blackwell,
Dr J. Singh
Dr A. J. Hutchings2022-01-042025-01-02
Liam SelfDr I. J. Wassell,
Dr Tian Hong Loh
Dr R. K. Harle2021-10-012025-09-30Location Awareness Accuracy Improvement for Full-Mesh IoT Network for CAV and 5G applications
Omer SellaProf. A. W. Moore,
Dr N. Zilberman
Prof. J. A. Crowcroft2017-10-012022-06-30Adaptive network fabrics for rackscale
David SheetsProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy,
Prof. J. A. Crowcroft
Prof. A. Mycroft2013-10-012017-09-30Resolution as a resource
Ben SimnerProf. P. M. SewellProf. S. W. Moore2018-10-012022-09-30ARM System semantics
Agnieszka SłowikDr S. B. Holden,
Prof. M. Jamnik
Dr D. Wischik2019-01-042023-01-03Machine Learning for Theorem Proving
Zhiyuan SongDr H. GunesDr A. C. Oztireli2022-01-04Learning Graph Representations for Facial Affect Recognition
Derek SorensenProf. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy,
Prof. S. Keshav
2019-10-012023-09-30Synthetic Stable Homotopy Theory
Yiannos StathopoulosProf. S. H. TeufelDr S. Clark2013-10-012017-12-30Retrieval of mathematical concepts via deep indexing
Shaun SteenkampProf. A. M. PittsProfessor M. P. Fiore2018-10-012022-09-30Quotients in type theory
Domagoj StolfaProf. R. N. WatsonDr A. R. Beresford2017-10-012022-09-30Developing new distributed tracing methodologies
Tudor SuciuDr E. F. S. Shuckburgh2020-10-012024-09-30AI for Extreme Weather: the future of Coastal Flooding
Filip SvobodaProf. N. D. LaneProf. P. Lio'2020-10-012024-09-30Learned Communication for Federated Neural Networks
Dmitrij SzamozvancevDr N. KrishnaswamiProf. M. P. Fiore2018-10-012022-09-30Second order abstract syntax for compuational reflection
Shyam TailorProf. N. D. LaneDr R. D. Mullins2020-10-012023-09-30Accelerating Neural Networks for Graph Structured Data
Chi Ian TangProf. C. MascoloDr R. K. Harle2019-10-012023-09-30Semi-supervised Learning for Scalable Human Activity Recognition Systems
Justin Tan Jia TianDr C. MishraDr C. H. Ek2021-10-012025-09-30Machine Learning and String theory
Calin TataruProf. J. VicaryProf. A. M. Pitts2020-10-012024-09-30Cubical models of higher categories
Pierre ThodoroffProf. N. D. LawrenceDr Carl Henrik Ek2020-10-012024-09-30Sequential Decision making in probabilistic models
Kieron TurkDr A. J. HutchingsProf. R. J. Anderson2021-10-012025-09-30Investigating the impact of technology on domestic abuse
Wen Hoi Gladys TyenProf. P. J. ButteryDr A. Caines2019-10-012023-09-30Providing feedback to language learners with adaptive chatbots
Josef ValvodaProf. S. H. TeufelProf. P. J. Buttery2019-10-012023-09-30Robust Reasoning in the legal domain
Francisco VargasProf. N. D. LawrenceProf. M. Jamnik2020-10-012024-09-30Dynamical Theories of Brownian Motion in Machine Learning
Diana VasileProf. A. R. BeresfordDr A. V. S. Madhavapeddy2015-04-102021-06-02Improving the delivery of security updates in distributed systems
Anna VaughanProf. N. D. Lane2020-10-012024-09-30Functional representations for extreme weather prediction
Smita Vijaya KumarDr E. Kalyvianaki,
Prof. A. V. S. Madhavapeddy
To be appointed2019-10-012023-09-30Centralised Datacenter CPU Scheduling with Decentralised Schedulers
Ramon Viñas TornéProf. P. Lio'Dr T. M. Sauerwald2019-10-012023-09-30Learning the generating mechanisms of multi-omics data
Mala VirdeeDr C. H. Ek2020-10-012024-09-30
Viet Anh VuDr A. J. HutchingsProf. R. J. Anderson2022-01-04Tracking the Impact of Disruptions and Interventions on User Behaviour and Socioeconomic Dynamics of Online Cybercrime Platforms
Taiyi WangDr E. YonekiProf. J. A. Crowcroft2021-10-012025-09-30Management and Optimisation of the Data Structure and Indexing in Database Systems
Jennifer WhiteProf. S. H. TeufelProf. P. J. Buttery2020-10-012024-09-30Gender De-biasing Methods for NLP
Tianhao WuDr A. C. OztireliProf. A. F. Blackwell2021-10-012025-09-30Unsupervised Generalisable 3D Reconstruction from Images with Implicit Neural Representations and Neural Rendering
Yvonne WuProf. C. MascoloProf. P. Lio'2021-10-012025-09-30Wearable Sensor Data Machine learning
Tong XiaProf. C. MascoloProf. P. Lio2020-10-012024-09-30Listening to your health: Automatic and reliable respiratory disease detection through sounds
Huiyuan XieProf. A. A. CopestakeDr S. H. Teufel2018-10-012022-09-30High-Quality Image Captioning Incorporating Formal Semantics
Junwei YangProf. P. Lio'Dr John Suckling2019-10-012023-09-30Deep learning for neuroscience and back
Yuxiao YeProf. S. H. TeufelProf. P. J. Buttery2019-10-012023-09-30A multi-document model for informal, naturally occurring arguments
Shih-Chun YouDr M. G. KuhnDr S. Skorobogatov2018-10-012022-09-30Side-channel analysis of cryptographic algorithms
Zhangdie YuanProf. A. VlachosProf. E. J. Briscoe2021-10-01Automated Fact Checking
Dingcheng YueDr R. K. MantiukProf. A. F. Blackwell2018-10-012022-09-30Representation for image based rendering
Andi ZhangDr D. J. WischikProf. P. Lio2019-10-012023-09-30Machine learning for discrete-structured datatypes
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