Ted Briscoe

Professor of Computational Linguistics,

I have now moved to MBZUAI, Abu Dhabi

My new email address is Ted.Briscoe at domain mbzuai.ac.ae

The links to papers etc below will migrate slowly as I get organised...

NLIP Group

Professorial Fellow, Girton College

Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge,
William Gates Building, JJ Thomson Avenue
CAMBRIDGE CB3 OFD, United Kingdom.
work: (+44) 1223 334616, fax: (+44) 1223 334678, home: (*1) 41341
email: ejb at domain cl.cam.ac.uk

(Non-)Contact Information

  • Email preferred, but WARNING: I filter email, so e.g. use your university account.
  • Please don't email me requesting internships as I don't supervise interns and won't reply.
  • Please don't email me asking me to consider you for the ACS MPhil or a PhD as I won't reply.
  • Instead apply officially stating your interest in the NLIP group: Admissions Webpage

    Research Interests

  • Computational Linguistics
  • Speech and Language Processing
  • Textual Information Management
  • Evolutionary Linguistics

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