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Dima Szamozvancev


I am a second year PhD student in the Programming, Logic and Semantics group of the Department of Computer Science and Technology, supervised by Dr Neel Krishnaswami and Prof. Marcelo Fiore. My research focuses on the use of modalities in logic, type theory and category theory, as well as their applications in areas such as second-order abstract syntax, metacomputation and reactive programming.

I am a member of Downing College and did my undergraduate (2014–2017) and Master's (2017–2018) studies here as well.



  • Dmitrij Szamozvancev and Michael B. Gale (2017).
    Well-typed music does not sound wrong (experience report).
    In: Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Haskell. ACM, pp. 99–104. (doi, pdf)


  • Embedded Domain-Specific Languages.
    Guest lecture for the CS141 – Functional Programming course at the University of Warwick, March 2019. (pdf)
  • Semantics of temporal type systems.
    Master's research project presentation at the University of Cambridge, June 2018. (pdf)
  • Well-typed music does not sound wrong.
    Talk accompanying the paper presented at the Haskell Symposium 2017, held at the University of Oxford, September 2017. (pdf)

Reports and dissertations

  • Semantics of temporal type systems.
    Master's dissertation supervised by Dr Neel Krishnaswami. University of Cambridge, 2018. (pdf)
  • Well-typed music does not sound wrong.
    Undergraduate dissertation supervised by Michael B. Gale. University of Cambridge, 2017. (pdf)

Academic activities



This year (2019–2020) I am supervising the following courses:


  • Email: ds709 at
  • Office: FS13