New! New project starting on ‘Machine translation of public health documents for low-resource languages’, funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, University of Cambridge; more information here.

New! Paper accepted for AfricaNLP 2021, ‘Towards a parallel corpus of Portuguese and the Bantu language Emakhuwa of Mozambique’, with Felermino Ali and Jaimito Malavi: arXiv paper

New! Paper accepted for VARDIAL 2021, ‘Efficient Unsupervised NMT for Related Languages with Cross-Lingual Language Models and Fidelity Objectives’, with Rami Aly and Paula Buttery: in the Anthology

New! First release of ‘The Teacher-Student Chatroom Corpus’ – apply for access here; see also our paper published at NLP4CALL 2020

Hello, I’m a Senior Research Associate in the NLIP Group & ALTA Institute directed by Prof Paula Buttery, based in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, U.K. I’m a member of the Cambridge Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Centre and I’m also currently working on a collaboration with the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, funded by the ESRC and led by Dr Alice Hutchings. I recently obtained funding from the Cambridge Global Challenges Research Fund for a new project on machine translation of public health documents (more information).

I’ve been on the staff at the University since October 2013, having previously worked in Literature Services at the European Bioinformatics Institute, carried out research for English Profile, and studied for a PhD in what was the Research Centre for English & Applied Linguistics (before its amalgamation into the section of Theoretical & Applied Linguistics) from 2006 to 2010.

You can find out more about my research, teaching and outreach activities by exploring the rest of my site, my ACL Anthology, DBLP or Google Scholar profiles, my GitHub page and Twitter feed.

Contact me: firstname.lastname @