Robin Milner passed away in 2010. (Obituary)

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Robin Milner, recent work

Robin Milner

I am Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, UK. Since March 2009 I am also a part-time Professor at the Informatics Forum in the University of Edinburgh.

I worked at the University of Edinburgh for 22 years, 1973-1994. Much of my research began there, where I was founding Director of the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS). From 1995 I have worked at the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge, both before and after retirement. I was Head of the Laboratory for about four years, 1996-1999. My research continues at both Cambridge and Edinburgh.
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This website is about work I have done in collaboration with many others over the past decade. It extends computation theory towards a foundation for informatic structures that will dominate the 21st century. The term `informatics' describes our discipline better than `computer science', as it is now concerned with communicating and informing as well as with calculation. The most long-lived and famous informatic structure is the von Neumann machine, which gave rise to an impressive series of languages and theories. But the von Neumann machine treats primarily sequential computing on a single machine, and does not scale up to explain modern informatic behaviour.

The work reported here has two strands:

Each strand contains citations of the form [n], pointing to numbered references listed at the end.