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Aliaksei Mikhailiuk

I am a PhD student at the Computer Laboratory, working under the supervision of Dr. Rafal Mantiuk. I can be contacted at: am2442[at]cam[dot]ac[dot]uk.


My current research is focused on applications of Machine Learning to a problem of modelling Human Visual System. I am particularly interested in Deep Learning and Bayesian Inference. However my general interest is not constrained by these.


I have supervised or will be supervising for:

In the past I have supervised Part IB/II students and have a few ideas for Part II/MPhil projects in machine learning, multimedia experience and computer vision. If you want to discuss possibile supervision, please drop me an email.


Before starting a PhD I did an MPhil in Scientific Computing at Cambridge. During this time I was working under the supervision of Dr. Anita Faul on the dissertation entitled “Deep Learning and Parallelisation Applied to Seismic Data”. Before joining Cambridge I did a BEng in Computer Science and Electronics at the University of Bristol.


Mikhailiuk A., Perez-Ortiz M. and Mantiuk R., 2018. "Psychometric scaling of TID2013 dataset" . In: International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX) 2018. IEEE

Mikhailiuk A. and Faul A., 2018. "Deep Learning Applied to Seismic Data Interpolation". . In: European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) 2018. IEEE

Mikhailiuk A.. and Dahnoun N., 2016. "Real-time pothole detection on TMS320C6678 DSP" . International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST), 2016. pp 123-128. IEEE

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