Department of Computer Science and Technology

Dimitrios Los

I am a 3rd year PhD student supervised by Dr Thomas Sauerwald and I am mostly working on randomised algorithms for load balancing.


  • Balanced Allocations with Incomplete Information: The Power of Two Queries [arXiv][ITCS 2022 to appear] (joint work with Thomas Sauerwald)
  • Balanced Allocations: Caching and Packing, Twinning and Thinning [arXiv][SODA 2022 to appear] (joint work with Thomas Sauerwald and John Sylvester)

Some visualisations for the processes described in the papers above, can be found here.

Contact details

Although my research is mostly theoretical, I also have experience in some more applied areas of engineering (both software and non-software). So, if you think I could be of help, don't hesitate to contact me.

Email: firstname.lastname at
Room: FS09