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Duo Wang

Hi,I am currently a final Year PhD student in Artificial Intelligence Group. I am supervised by Dr Pietro Lio and Dr Mateja Jamnik. My Research focus on using machine learning and neuroscience to understand reasoning, in particular diagrammatic reasoning. In the past I have also done a couple of projects on applying machine learning on biomedical image processing and analysis.


Duo Wang, Mateja Jamnik, Pietro Liò (2020)  Extrapolatable Relational Reasoning With Comparators in Low-Dimensional Manifolds. Under Review

Yiren Zhao, Duo Wang, Daniel Bates, Robert Mullins, Mateja Jamnik, Pietro Lio (2020)  Learned Low Precision Graph Neural Networks. Under Review

Colleen P.E. Rollins, Jane R. Garrison , Maite Arribas, Aida Seyedsalehi, Zhi Li, Raymond C.K. Chan , Junwei Yang , Duo Wang , Pietro Lio , Chao Yan , Zheng-hui Yi , Arnaud Cachia , Rachel Upthegrove , Bill Deakin , Jon S. Simons , Graham K. Murray, John Suckling (2020)  Evidence in cortical folding patterns for prenatal predispositions to hallucinations in schizophrenia. Accepted at Translational Psychiatry

Duo Wang, Mateja Jamnik, Pietro Liò (2020)  Abstract Diagrammatic Reasoning with Multiplex Graph Networks. Accepted at ICLR 2020

Duo Wang, Mateja Jamnik, Pietro Liò (2019)  Unsupervised and Interpretable Scene Discovery with Discrete-Attend-Infer-Repeat. Accepted at ICML 2019 Self-Supervised Learning Workshop

Duo Wang, Mateja Jamnik, Pietro Liò (2019)  Unsupervised Extraction of Interpretable Graph Representations From Multiple-object Scenes. Accepted at ICML 2019 Learning and Reasoning with Graph-structured Representation Workshop

Duo Wang, Mateja Jamnik, Pietro Liò (2018)  Investigating diagrammatic reasoning with deep neural networks. Accepted at Diagrams 2018

Wang D. et al. (2017) Neural network fusion: a novel CT-MR Aortic Aneurysm image segmentation method. Accepted  at SPIE Medical Imaging conference 2018 

Jin Zhu, Duo Wang Pietro Liò (2017) A Multi-pathway 3D Dilated Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation. BRATS challenge

Duo Wang, Mateja Jamnik, Pietro Liò (2017)  Modelling Neural Correlates of mathematical diagrammatic reasoning Accepted at MathPsych/ICCM 2017

Veličković P., Wang, D., Lane N., Lio', P.  (2016)  X-CNN: Cross-modal Convolutional Neural Networks for Sparse Datasets. IEEE SSCI 2016 (

Hongliang Yu, Xin Wan, Guodong Liang, Duo Wang, Xiaohong Wang   (2015)  Intelligent Control System for Cement Raw Mill Quality Based on Online Analysis. 2nd International conference on advances in information processing and communication technology

Part II/III MPhil Project suggestions

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Part IA, Machine Learning and Real-world data

Part IB, Foundations of Data Science

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Part II, Machine Learning and Bayesian Inference