Department of Computer Science and Technology

Marwa Mahmoud

I am a research fellow of King's college. I work at the Graphics and Interaction group and I am an affiliated lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Technology. I teach the assessment module for the MPhil Computer Vision course.

My research focuses on vision-based artificial Intelligence and multimodal signal processing within the contexts of affective Computing, behaviour analytics and human (and animal) behaviour understanding. I am particularly interested in building inference models that tackle challenging real-world problems, which are usually characterised by data scarcity and noisy signals from multiple modalities.

Research topics

  • Automatic detection of non-verbal signals of psychological distress
  • Multimodal representaion learning (face/gesture/audio/text)
  • Animals affect and automatic facial expressions analysis for animal welfare
  • Ethical machine learning algorithms

Past Projects

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Contact details

Email: mmam3 (at)