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I am a fourth year PhD student at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab, supervised by Prof. Simon Moore within the Computer Architecture group. My research looks into low-cost, low-latency memory safety for embedded systems as well as temporal memory safety under the CHERI architecture.

I also completed the MPhil degree in the CompArch group before my PhD, focusing on extending the RISC-V architecture with tagged memory for various sorts of debugging and acceleration. Even before that, I studied Electronic and Computer Engineering in a joint program by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the University of Birmingham.

As a researcher I am generally interested in embedded systems, real-time operating systems and novel architectures for security. Outside research hours I play some first person shooters, enjoy cycling and am now learning German. Anyone welcome to help me practice the language!


A Real-Time Operating System, CheriRTOS:
A dlmalloc-based non-reuse heap memory allocator:


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