Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2014–15

Index of courses by lecturer

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Dr Anne Alexander

Prof Ross Anderson

Prof Jean Bacon

Dr Andrei Bejan

Dr Alex Benton

Dr Alastair Beresford

Dr Alan Blackwell

Prof Ted Briscoe

Prof Bill Byrne

Dr David Chisnall

Prof Roberto Cipolla

Dr Stephen Clark

Prof Ann Copestake

Prof John Daugman

Prof Anuj Dawar

Dr Ramsey Faragher

Prof Marcelo Fiore

Prof Mark Gales

Prof Zoubin Ghahramani

Dr Richard Gibbens

Prof Mike Gordon

Dr David Greaves

Dr Timothy Griffin

Dr Robert Harle

Dr Timothy Harris

Dr Jonathan Hayman

Dr Sean Holden

Dr Mateja Jamnik

Mr Brian Jones

Dr Ohad Kammar

Dr Anna Korhonen

Dr Markus Kuhn

Mr Jack Lang

Dr Joan Lasenby

Prof Ian Leslie

Dr Pietro Lio

Dr Anil Madhavapeddy

Prof Cecilia Mascolo

Prof Simon Moore

Dr Andrew Moore

Dr Robert Mullins

Prof Alan Mycroft

Dr Dominic Orchard

Prof Larry Paulson

Prof Andrew Pitts

Dr Andrew Rice

Prof Peter Robinson

Dr Thomas Sauerwald

Prof Peter Sewell

Dr Frank Stajano

Dr Simone Teufel

Ivo Timoteo

Dr Ian Wassell

Dr Robert Watson

Dr Leo White

Prof Glynn Winskel

Prof Phil Woodland

Dr Jeremy Yallop

Dr Eiko Yoneki