Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2014–15


Principal lecturer: Dr Robert Harle
Taken by: Part IA CST, Part IA NST, Part I PBS

Timing and Location

The registration session is compulsory for all students taking Computer Science in IA (this includes CST, NST and PBST students).

Slides from the Registration Talk

Practical Group Allocations

NSTs: Practicals are every week 14.00-16.00 (Group A) or 16.00-18.00 (Group B)

CSTs: Programming practicals are every week 14.00-16.00 (Group A) or 16.00-18.00 (Group B)

CSTs: Hardware practicals are 10.30-13.00 (Group A) or 13.30-16.00 (Group B) every second week. You are assigned either odd (O) or Even (E) weeks in the allocations above.

Programming practicals start in week 2 on 16th October for everyone

Hardware practicals start in week 3 on 23rd October for (AO,BO); week 4 on 30th October for (AE,BE).

Note: the groupings are carefully balanced. If you wish to change your practical slot, you must first find someone to swap with, and then email [Javascript required] for permission.

Useful links

Professional Bodies

You are eligible to join one or both of the UK's professional bodies covering Computer Science. These are the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the British Computing Society (BCS). Both of these entities have provided brief slides to introduce themselves, and both offer highly reduced fees for students