David Chisnall

Photo by Will Harwood

Address University of Cambridge
William Gates Building
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 1FD
United Kingdom
Office: GE10, William Gates Building
Telephone: +44 (0)1223 763 776
Fax: +44 (0)1223 334 678
E-mail: David.Chisnall AT cl.cam.ac.uk

Research Interests

  • Dynamic Object Oriented Programming Languages
  • Domain and Problem Specific Languages
  • Compiler design
  • Optimising ‘slow’ programming languages
  • Architectures for modern programming languages

Teaching responsibilities

Open source work

 Other interests

  • Argentine tango, Cuban salsa
  • Ultimate frisbee

Recent Publications

A full list is available on the publications page.

  1. David Chisnall, Colin Rothwell, Brooks Davis, Robert Watson, Jonathan Woodruff, Simon Moore, Peter G. Neumann and Michael Roe. Beyond the PDP-11: Processor support for a memory-safe C abstract machine. Proceedings of the Fifteenth Edition of ASPLOS on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, ACM (2015). [BibTeX]
  2. David Chisnall. There’s No Such Thing As a General-purpose Processor. Queue 12, 10 (2014), 20:20–20:25. [BibTeX] [doi]
  3. David Chisnall. Smalltalk in a C world. Science of Computer Programming 96, Part 1, 0 (2014), 4–16. [BibTeX] [abstract] [doi]
  4. David Chisnall. No such thing as a general-purpose processor. Communications of the ACM 57, 12 (2014), 44–48. [BibTeX] [pdf] [doi]
  5. Jonathan Woodruff, Robert N.M. Watson, David Chisnall, Simon W. Moore, Jonathan Anderson, Brooks Davis, Ben Laurie, Peter G. Neumann, Robert Norton and Michael Roe. The CHERI capability model: revisiting RISC in an age of risk. ISCA ’14: Proceeding of the 41st annual international symposium on Computer architecuture, IEEE Press (2014), 457–468. [BibTeX] [abstract] [pdf] [doi]