Mateja Jamnik

Researcher in Artificial Intelligence

I am a University Senior Lecturer in the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. I founded the women@CL initiative. I used to be an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow.

I am interested in human intuitive reasoning and want to make computers think intuitively too. I build computational models that capture human informal reasoning - I am essentially trying to humanise computer thinking.

Broadly, my research is in the areas of artificial intelligence, human-like computation, automated reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, knowledge representation, theorem proving, cognitive science, machine learning, human-computer interaction.


    Mateja Jamnik
    Computer Laboratory
    The University of Cambridge
    JJ Thomson Avenue
    Cambridge, CB3 0FD, UK

    Phone: +44 (0)1223 763 587
    Email: Mateja dot Jamnik at cl dot cam dot ac dot uk