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Departmental barbecue on Tuesday 5th November 2013 from 17:30

To celebrate bonfire night the Graduate Student Forum is organising a barbecue for the department.

Sign up

If you want to come we must know numbers so please fill in the doodle. This event will be run at cost and estimated cost per person is £2.50. More precise costs will be available when we have them. The barbecue will be from 17:30 onwards on Tuesday 5th November.


There will be sausages (pork) and burgers (beef) cooked on the departmental barbecue (which is essentially a large electric frying pan). There will also be vegetarian options (giant mushrooms, aubergines, cougets, onions, vegiburgers) however as there is only one cooking surface there can be no guarantee of non-contamination of vegi food with meat fat. For strict vegetarians soup can be provided as that can be microwaved. We are intending to obtain meat from a local butcher about whom we have heard many good things and so meat should be of good quality. In terms of quantities we are currently allowing for one burger and one sausage per person.


Location is weather dependent, if it is not raining then the barbecue will be in the south courtyard and people can eat in the street if they want to. If it is raining then the barbecue will be on the Intel Lab balcony and people must eat on the balcony.

Help out

If you want to help run this then do get in touch with Daniel Thomas (drt24), particularly if you have a Level 2 food safety certificate or similar.


Contact Daniel Thomas (drt24)


Richard Clayton took some photos.

Risk assessment

There is a risk assessment for the use of the departmental barbecue. Daniel Thomas (drt24) will be cooking the food and has a Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering. Brian Jones (bdj23) will be the senior member of staff present and is a Fire Warden.