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Operating Systems


Course pages 2022–23

Operating Systems

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Example sheet

Note: The syllabus was slightly updated in 2022/23, primarily to include topics that had been lectured for several years but had never been explicitly listed. The examples sheet has not changed. The major change was that the UNIX case study was rewritten to be Linux focused. Less significant changes include the addition of a small amount of material on bootstrapping and virtualisation, and some basic material on disk I/O scheduling. Previous changes include (2015/16) material on Security moving to Lecture 02, Protection, and a small amount of material added to create a new Lecture 09, Communication; (2016/17) new material on communication was incorporated into lecture 03, Processes, spreading scheduling material across roughly two lectures, and removal of the Windows NT case study; and minor corrections in subsequent years.

Lecture slides, per lecture

Suggested Supervision Schedule

To be clear: this is just a suggestion because I've had a couple of people ask for work to set in addition to the sample sheet. Please feel free to ignore as you see fit. Now that only 3 supervisions are recommended (from 2018/19), I've chosen to split the File Systems and IO material between supervisions 2 and 3, but YMMV.

  1. Processes, Scheduling
  2. Memory Management
  3. File Systems, IO
  4. Protection, Access Control, Case Studies