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Course pages 2020–21

Probabilistic Machine Learning


The content in this course is advanced machine learning. If you are looking for an introduction to probabilistic machine learning, please see the IB Data Science course.

Auditing & practical arrangements.

Students take the first two topics, and then their choice of topics 3 or 4.

  • If you wish to audit this course, all the lecture material is available online, as listed below, and there is no need to ask permission to use it.
  • For students registered on this course: coursework submission, Q&A, office hours, and briefing sessions are on Moodle.

Topics covered

1. Gaussian processes

2. TrueSkill — Graphical models and Gibbs sampling

3. Probabilistic neural networks

These lecture notes are the advanced parts of a draft textbook. The background material in the rest of the textbook may be helpful, and you can find videos as part of IB Data Science.

4. Models for document collections — LDA