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Who changed which line?

This information is from TortoiseSVN Help

The TortoiseSVN -> Blame... command lists the author of every line in a file and the revision in which the line was changed.

Blame for files

blame dialogue box

  • From revision box:
    Enter the revision number you are interested in here.
    1 will show the blame for every revision.
  • TortoiseBlame:
    By default the blame file is viewed using TortoiseBlame.
    This highlights the different revisions for easy reading.
    To print or edit the blame file, select the Use Text viewer box
  • Once you press OK TortoiseSVN starts retrieving the data to create the blame file.

    This can take several minutes to finish, depending on how much the file has changed.
    Once the blame process has finished the result is written into a temporary file and you can view the results


Use TortoiseBlame to read blame files:
blame text file
  • Hovering the mouse over a line in the blame info column will show all lines with the same revision with a darker background.

  • Lines from other revisions which were changed by the same author are shown with a light background.

    The colouring may not work as clearly if you have your display set to 256 colour mode.

  • Left-clicking on a line will highlight all lines with the same revision.
    Lines from other revisions by the same author are highlighted in a lighter colour.
  • The revision comments (log message) are shown in a hint box whenever the mouse hovers over the blame info column (see image above).
    To copy the log message for that revision, right click on the blame info coloumn and select copy.

  • To search within the Blame report, use Edit -> Find....
    This allows the search for revision numbers, authors and the content of the file itself.
    Log messages are not included in the search - use the Log Dialogue instead.

  • To jump to a specific line number, use Edit -> Go To Line....