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Adding new files and directories

This information is from TortoiseSVN Help

To add new files and directories for others to view:

  • Select the file(s) and/or directory and use TortoiseSVN -> Add, as in the image below:
    adding files menu

  • A window will appear to confirm the file has been added:
    file added confirmation window

  • After you have added the files/directories, the file appears with the Add blue cross icon icon, indicating that you need to commit your working copy to make the new files/directories available to other authors.
    Adding a file/directory does not affect the repository.

  • The Add command can also be used on already versioned folders.
    The add dialogue box will show all unversioned files inside that versioned folder.
    This helps if there are many new files and they need to be added at once.

  • To add files from outside the working copy, use the drag-and-drop handler:
    • Select the files that are to be added.
    • Right-click and drag them to the new location inside the working copy.
    • Release the right mouse button.
    • Select Context Menu -> SVN Add files to this WC.
      The files will then be copied to the working copy and added to version control.