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Course pages 2022–23

Formal Models of Language

Lecture Notes


Supervision Worksheets

Background Reading

  • Jurafsky, D. and Martin, J. Speech and language processing
  • Manning, C. and Schutze, H. Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Pro\ cessing
  • Ruslan M. The Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics
  • Clark, A., Fox, C, and Lappin, S. The handbook of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing
  • Kozen, D. Automata and Computability

Video Errata

  • Lecture 1 slide 15, {Q} -> Q (correct in online slides) thanks to Harrison
  • Lecture 2 slide 15 18:47, I've missed out the "Pron" between the NP and "him" in the tree. thanks to Huikai
  • Lecture 2 slide 17 21:25, when I say "regular grammar" and "context-free grammar" I mean the language generated by the grammars as indicated on the slide
  • Lecture 5 slide 12 and 13, updated wording to be less ambiguous but slides on video not updated