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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Cloud Computing


Course pages 2022–23

Cloud Computing

Lecture Notes

  • Introduction ppt pdf

  • MapReduce I pptx pdf

  • Data Centers Networking, Guest Lecture, Dr Paolo Costa, MSRC

  • Tutorial I, 14/10 (material in Moodle)

  • Tutorial II, 17/10 (material in Moodle)

  • Tutorial III, 19/10 (material in Moodle)

  • MapReduce II pptx pdf

  • Virtualization I and II pptx pdf

  • Large-scale Resource Management I pptx pdf

  • Large-scale Resource Management II pptx pdf

  • Data Stream Processing in the Cloud pptx pdf

  • Cloud Storage Systems pptx pdf

  • Tutorial IV, 7/11 (material in Moodle)