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Wednesday Seminar recordings

Wednesday Seminar 2022/2023

2023-05-31 – Privacy in mobility measurements

Professor Jörg Ott - Technische Universität München

2023-05-24 – Bayes in the age of intelligent machines

Professor Tom Griffiths - Princeton University

2023-05-10 – Learning the topology of complex systems from their dynamics

Professor Ginestra Bianconi - Queen Mary University of London

2023-05-03 – From the GUI to ChatGPT: a historical sketch of HCI research agendas and their applicability today

Professor Richard Harper - Lancaster University

2023-03-01 – Backdoors in Machine Learning Models

Dr Ilia Shumailov - Christ Church, University of Oxford

2023-02-22 – Data Science and Machine Learning in Context

Dr. Alfred Z. Spector Visiting Scholar, MIT EECS

2022-11-30 – Using Everyday Routines as a Resource for Understanding Behaviors and Making Recommendations

Professor Anind Dey - Dean and Professor of the Information School at the University of Washington

2022-11-23 – Formalised Mathematics: Obstacles and Achievements

Professor Lawrence Paulson - Department of Computer Science and Technology

2022-11-16 – Financing Forests: A Credible Approach towards Halting Tropical Deforestation

Professor Anil Madhavapeddy - Department of Computer Science and Technology

2022-10-19 – Developing an artificial heart

Dr Mark Goldberg - Camp Lowell Cardiology

2022-10-12 – Would you trust a cybercriminal?

Dr Alice Hutchings - Department of Computer Science and Technology

Total duration: 10:18:22