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Wednesday Seminar recordings

Wednesday Seminar 2018/2019

2019-05-29 – The Principle of Least Cognitive Action

Professor Marco Gori

2019-04-24 – Hand Tracking on HoloLens 2

Dr Erroll Wood

2019-02-13 – Make Switches Simple Again!

Dr Noa Zilberman

2019-02-06 – Perpetual Computing: Technologies for Banishing Batteries

Joshua R. Smith - Zeutschel Professor, Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington

2018-10-31 – Stylus input and the benefits of a standard

Mark Hayter - Sr Engineering Director in the Chrome OS Hardware team at Google, and is currently a visitor from industry with the Computer Architecture team in the Computer Lab

2018-10-10 – Machine learning for medicine: Predicting, pre-empting and treating disease

Professor Mihaela van der Schaar - John Humphrey Plummer Professor, University of Cambridge

Total duration: 5:23:00