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Wednesday Seminar recordings

Wednesday Seminar 2015/2016

2016-05-25 – A History of Virtualisation in Operating Systems.

Dr Andrew Herbert OBE, FREng..

2016-02-10 – Predicting Psychology from Social Media Data

Dr David Stillwell - Judge Management School, University of Cambridge

2016-02-03 – The Supercloud: Opportunities and Challenges

Prof Hakim Weatherspoon - Cornell University

2016-01-27 – Synthetic Biology

Dr. Jim Haseloff - Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

2016-01-20 – Finding what is invisible through computation

Dr Rafal Mantiuk - University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory

2015-11-11 – Unpatchable: Living with a Vulnerable Implanted Device

Marie Moe - SINTEF Norway

audio recording

audio recording

Total duration: 5:35:26