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Risk assessments

Risk assessment: low vibration table


Security Group, Tamper Lab, SE09

Description of activity/workplace:

Standa Pneumatic Vibration Insulation System 1VIS95 with optical table

Identified hazards:

  1. Heavy table top
  2. Large metal surface

Whom those hazards affect:

Sergei Skorobogatov (supervisor: Ross Anderson)
Markus Kuhn

Reasonably foreseeable outcome:

  1. Injury if table plate dropped or moved
  2. Electrocution after nearby insulation failure

Safe working procedure:

Ensure that the table surface is connected to protective earth and use portable-appliance tester to verify this connection. Contact building-services if table ever needs to be moved.

Assessment carried out by Markus Kuhn

Date: 2003-09-22