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Risk assessments

Risk assessment: chip depackaging


Security Group, Material Science preparation lab (New Museum Site)

Description of activity/workplace:

Use of fuming nitric acid (HNO3, 98%) and acetone to remove plastic package from semiconductor chips.

Identified hazards:

  1. corrosive/oxidising agent

Whom those hazards affect:

Sergei Skorobogatov (supervisor: Ross Anderson)

Reasonably foreseeable outcome:

  1. eye, skin or lung damage (severe burns, toxic)
  2. fire

Safe working procedure:

  • work and keep all chemicals at a suitably equipped chemical laboratory at the Department of Material Sciences
  • lab coat, rubber gloves, safety goggles, fume cupboard
  • work only under supervision of Material Science lab technician
  • use not more than 5 mL acid or acetone at a time
  • avoid unnecessary mixing of acid and acetone
  • pour acid into water, not the other way round

Assessment carried out by Markus Kuhn

Date: 2003-09-22