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Course pages 2022–23

Digital Signal Processing

This course starts 6 October at 14:00 in LT2 and continues for 16 Thursdays and Tuesdays until 30 November 2022.

Due to illness, there was no in-person DSP lecture on Thu 13 October 14:00. Instead, please watch these pre-recorded lectures.

Lecture notes

Programming language

The programming assignments should be completed in a high-level technical computing language, such as Julia (newly recommended this year), MATLAB (recommended in previous years) or Python+NumPy+matplotlib+SciPy.

Brief introductory lectures to both MATLAB and (new this year) Julia are available on the course pages of the 2nd year undergraduate LaTeX and MATLAB lecture, which (contrary to its name) did actually cover Julia instead of MATLAB this year.

Demonstration and exercise materials