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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Unix Tools

Course pages 2020–21

Unix Tools

This course is delivered online and consists of 39 recorded video lectures (8 h 21 min total). The course starts in the timetable on 16 November 2020 at 09:00 and runs for 8 hours Mon/Wed/Fri. (Since the course is all pre-recorded, these timeslots are just a suggestion. Students may equally decide to take the course on their own time, including over the vacation period.)

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Study materials

Reference manuals of some major tools discussed in the course, formatted in PDF for easy printing on A4 paper (or reading on tablets):


The PDF slides linked above include some updates and corrections still missing in the slides shown in the videos:

  • Slide 94: The University Information Services discontinued on 27 September 2019 their “DS-Web” service, and with it the web server used in the example. An alternative local student web server is available at the Student-Run Computing Facility (SRCF).
  • Slide 123: the perl command line should read “perl -pi.bak - <<'EOT' *.html

Most of the tools discussed in the course can be explored and used on the MCS Linux installation in the departments’s Teaching Lab, which is currently a customized version of Ubuntu Linux 18.04. Problems with MCS Linux should be reported to [Javascript required] [but feel free to cc to me (mgk25) as well].

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