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Course pages 2020–21

Advanced Topics in Mobile Systems and Mobile Data Machine Learning

Lecture Material

15th October (1h): Introduction.

22nd October: System, Energy and Security.

  1. Aditya Singh Rathore, Weijin Zhu, Afee Daiyan, Chenhan Xu, Kun Wang, Feng Lin, Kui Ren, and Wenyao Xu. SonicPrint: A Generally Adoptable and Secure Fingerprint Biometrics in Smart Devices. MobiSys, 2020. PDF.
  2. Naser Al Duaij, Alexander Van't Hof, and Jason Nieh. 2019. Heterogeneous Multi-Mobile Computing. MobiSys 2019. PDF.
  3. Y. Lee, Liang He, and Kang G. Shin. Causes and Fixes of Unexpected Phone Shutoffs. MobiSys 2020 PDF.

29th October: Activity Recognition with Machine Learning and Mobile Sensor Data.

  1. Taesik Gong, Yeonsu Kim, Jinwoo Shin, and Sung-Ju Lee. MetaSense: few-shot adaptation to untrained conditions in deep mobile sensing. SenSys 2019. PDF.
  2. Hyeokhyen Kwon, Gregory D. Abowd, and Thomas Ploetz. 2019. Handling annotation uncertainty in human activity recognition. ISWC 2019.PDF.
  3. Aaqib Saeed, Tanir Ozcelebi, and Johan Lukkien. Multi-task Self-Supervised Learning for Human Activity Detection. IMWUT 2019. PDF.

5th November: On Device Machine Learning.

  1. Xu, Mengwei, Feng Qian, Qiaozhu Mei, Kang Huang, and Xuanzhe Liu. DeepType: On-Device Deep Learning for Input Personalization Service with Minimal Privacy Concern. IMWUT 2018. PDF
  2. S. Lee, and S. Nirjon. Fast and Scalable In-memory Deep Multitask Learning via Neural Weight Virtualization. Mobisys 2020. PDF.
  3. Shuochao Yao, Yiran Zhao, Huajie Shao, Aston Zhang, Chao Zhang, Shen Li, and Tarek Abdelzaher. 2018. RDeepSense: Reliable Deep Mobile Computing Models with Uncertainty Estimations. IMWUT 2018. PDF.

12th November: Backscatter Communication, Battery Free and Energy Harvesting Devices.

  1. Lee, Seulki, Bashima Islam, Yubo Luo, and Shahriar Nirjon. Intermittent Learning: On-Device Machine Learning on Intermittently Powered System. IMWUT 2019. PDF
  2. Nivedita Arora, Steven L. Zhang, Fereshteh Shahmiri, Diego Osorio, Yi-Cheng Wang, Mohit Gupta, Zhengjun Wang, Thad Starner, Zhong Lin Wang, and Gregory D. Abowd. 2018. SATURN: A Thin and Flexible Self-powered Microphone Leveraging Triboelectric Nanogenerator. IMWUT 2018. PDF.
  3. Mohamed R. Abdelhamid, Ruicong Chen, Joonhyuk Cho, Anantha P. Chandrakasan, and Fadel Adib. Self-Reconfigurable Micro-Implants for Cross-Tissue Wireless and Batteryless Connectivity. MobiCom 2020. PDF.

19th November: New Sensing Modalities.

  1. Shukla, Rishi, Neev Kiran, Rui Wang, Jeremy Gummeson, and Sunghoon Ivan Lee. SkinnyPower: Enabling Batteryless Wearable Sensors via Intra-Body Power Transfer. SenSys 2019. PDF
  2. Jay Prakash, Zhijian Yang, Yu-Lin Wei, Haitham Hassanieh, Romit Roy Choudhury. EarSense: Earphones as a Teeth Activity Sensor, MobiCom 2020. PDF.
  3. Wang, Ju, Liqiong Chang, Shourya Aggarwal, Omid Abari, and Srinivasan Keshav. Soil Moisture Sensing with Commodity RFID Systems. MobiSys 2020. PDF.

26th November: Addressing COVID-19 with Mobile Systems and Data..

  1. Gary F. Hatke, Monica Montanari, Swaroop Appadwedula, Michael Wentz, John Meklenburg, Louise Ivers, Jennifer Watson, Paul Fiore. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Signal Strength Estimation to Facilitate Contact Tracing for COVID-19. PDF.
  2. The effect of human mobility and control measures on the COVID-19 epidemic in China. Moritz U. G. Kraemer, Chia-Hung Yang, Bernardo Gutierrez, Chieh-Hsi Wu, Brennan Klein, David M. Pigott, Louis du Plessis, Nuno R. Faria, Ruoran Li, William P. Hanage, John S. Brownstein, Maylis Layan, Alessandro Vespignani, Huaiyu Tian, Christopher Dye, Oliver G. Pybus, Samuel V. Scarpino. Science. 01 May 2020: 493-497. Link.
  3. Ali Imran, Iryna Posokhova, Haneya N. Qureshi, Usama Masood, Muhammad Sajid Riaz,Kamran Ali, Charles N. John, MD Iftikhar Hussain, and Muhammad Nabeel. AI4COVID-19: AI Enabled Preliminary Diagnosis for COVID-19 from Cough Samples via an App PDF

25th January: Mobile Health.

  1. Schwab, Patrick, and Walter Karlen. PhoneMD: Learning to Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease from Smartphone Data. AAAI 2019.PDF
  2. Jianmo Ni, Larry Muhlstein, and Julian McAuley. Modeling Heart Rate and Activity Data for Personalized Fitness Recommendation. WWW 2019. PDF.
  3. Pham, N., Dinh, T., Raghebi, Z., Kim, T., Bui, N., Nguyen, P., Truong, H., Banaei-Kashani, F., Halbower, A., Dinh, T. and Vu, T. Wake a behind the ear wearable system for Microsleep detection. MobiSys 2020. PDF.
  4. Obuchi, Mikio, Jeremy F. Huckins, Weichen Wang, Alex daSilva, Courtney Rogers, Eilis Murphy, Elin Hedlund, Paul Holtzheimer, Shayan Mirjafari, and Andrew Campbell. Predicting Brain Functional Connectivity Using Mobile Sensing. IMWUT 2020. PDF.