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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Introduction to Graphics

Course pages 2020–21

Introduction to Graphics

The students had an opportunity to submit the results of their Tick 1 (Ray tracing) and Tick 2 (OpenGL Animation) to two competitions. The winners were selected by the committee consisting of the Rainbow group members.

We would like to thank Huawei for sponsoring prizes in both competitions.

Raytracing competition

The images are rendered with own ray tracer, written in Java, completed as a part of Tick 1 assignment. The rules for the rendering competitions were:

  • The ray tracer used to render the scene can include only the elements covered in Tick 1 and Tick 1* descriptions.
  • The only allowed objects are planes, spheres, and cylinders.
  • The XML scene description can be manually designed but it can also be generated procedurally.
  • The scene can contain up to 200 objects.

1st Place: Gabor Pituk – Steiner chains

2nd Place: Euan Ong

3rd Place: Henry Batchelor

Honourable mention: Vikaas Varma – Campbell

Honourable mention: Saksham Shah – Et tu, Snowte

Honourable mention: Adam Wood – Magic trees

Animation competition

The animations were created with own OpenGL code, which was a part of Tick 2 submission. The code was rendering textured cubes, all organized in a scene graph. The goal was to create an interesting animation that would utilize the techniques covered in the lectures.

Only the first-place was awarded in the animation competition.

1st Place: Morgan Saville - Bones Malone