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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Cloud Computing

Course pages 2020–21

Cloud Computing

Lecture Notes

You can find the Zoom link to connect to the online lectures in the Moodle page of the course.

  • Introduction ppt pdf

  • Virtualization I and II pptx pdf

  • MapReduce I pptx pdf

  • Tutorial I (material in Moodle)

  • Tutorial II (material in Moodle)

  • Tutorial III (material in Moodle)

  • MapReduce II pptx pdf

  • Large-scale Resource Management I pptx pdf

  • Data Centers, Guest Lecture, Dr. Paolo Costa, MSRC, recording in Moodle

  • Large-scale Resource Management II pptx pdf

  • Cloud Storage Systems pptx pdf

  • Data Stream Processing in the Cloud pptx pdf

  • Tutorial IV 1/3