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Early Years

Professor Sir John Lennard-Jones ScD FRS
Founder of the Mathematical Laboratory
(by courtesy of the Department of Chemistry)

Mathematical Laboratory courtyard entrance

The Mallock Machine, 1933

Differential Analyser, 1938

Meccano Differential Analyser in Theoretical Chemistry room
in the Physical Chemistry Lab, 1938.
From left: A.F.Devonshire, J.Corner, M.V.Wilkes


EDSAC I, June 1947, experimental memory tank

EDSAC I, 1947 P.J.Farmer R.Piggott M.V.Wilkes W.Renwick S.A.Barton G.J.Stevens J.M.Bennett
(posed photograph)

EDSAC I, 1947/8 P.J.Farmer R.Piggott M.V.Wilkes W.A.Renwick
(posed photograph)

EDSAC I, P.J.Farmer R.Piggott M.V.Wilkes W.A.Renwick S.A.Barton T.Gold
(posed photograph)

EDSAC I, 9-inch tubes used for monitoring

EDSAC I, experimental magnetic tape rack

M.V.Wilkes, EDSAC I in construction

M.V.Wilkes, mercury delay line

M.V.Wilkes, mercury delay line (2)

EDSAC I in construction

EDSAC I, under construction, W.Renwick, M.Wilkes

EDSAC I, W.Renwick, M.Wilkes

July 1948 lab members

Top row, from left: D.Willis, L.Foreman, G.Stevens, R.Piggott, P.Farmer, P.Chamberlain
Middle row, from left: D.Wheeler, W.Lenaerts, J.Steel, R.Bonham-Carter, C.Mumford, S.Barton
Bottom row, from left: E.McKee (later Breakwell), J.Bennett, B.Noble, M.Wilkes, W.Renwick, E.Mutch, H.Gordon

May 1949 lab members

Top row, from left: D.Willis, J.Stanley, L.Foreman, G.Stevens, S.Barton, P.Farmer, P.Chamberlain
Middle row, from left: H.Smith, C.Mumford, H.Pye, A.Thomas, E.McKee, J.Steel
Bottom row, from left: R.Bonham-Carter, E.Mutch, W.Renwick, M.Wilkes, J.Bennett, D.Wheeler, B.Worsley

EDSAC I, first page of log book

EDSAC I, R.Hill operating

EDSAC I, C.Froese

EDSAC I, chassis showing component side

EDSAC I, June 1948

EDSAC I, 1948, W.Renwick with 5 hole tape reader and Creed teleprinter

EDSAC I, January 1949

EDSAC I, A late view showing the experimental magnetic tape rack on the extreme right, S.A.Barton operating

EDSAC I control desk, E.Page

EDSAC I, S.A.Barton with display used by operator

EDSAC I, nearly complete, W.Renwick


EDSAC II during construction

EDSAC II, 7th October 1959.

V.Webber (later Barron) seated by console.
M.Mutch standing.
Liz Swann (later Howe) punching input tape.

EDSAC II, control matrix rack

EDSAC II, back wiring

S.A.Barton, EDSAC II, showing chassis construction with miniature valves


EDSAC II, 10th May 1960, user queue

EDSAC II, 1965, M.Mutch

EDSAC II, core store on the right



EDSAC II main back wiring

EDSAC II microprogram

EDSAC II engineers

A tester for EDSAC II chassis


Titan, in construction (from the public gallery)

S.A.Barton, Titan, showing power supplies

Titan. Visit of members of Institute of Chartered Accountants to Titan,
on occasion of their D.P. conference at Trinity College.
From left: A.Curtis, E.Mutch, Mr.Robson (Chairman of Conference),
J.Bowers, S.Peters, Mr.Elmslie

Titan, 1965

Titan machine room


Titan, moving out into the new building, 1970

Foam cutting machine, 1st version, 1974.

Calcomp plotter


The CAP, March 1979

The CAP, 1979, showing the Ring connection

Cambridge Ring

Cambridge Ring, Summer 1979

R.M.Needham and D.J.Wheeler explaining the Ring to the Chancellor


M.V.Wilkes, March 1974 Sigma Users Group, Gatwick

M.V.Wilkes retirement, July 1980, Corn Exchange St.

M.V.Wilkes, Titan Room

M.V.Wilkes retirement, July 1980, Titan Room

Lab buildings

E.Mutch, pointing to where the floor level of the new computer room would be

Robin Lock outside the Mathematical Laboratory. The sign is just about legible on the door behind him. (Photo courtesy of Peter Gray)

Demolition of Mathematical Laboratory, 1969
New Lab just visible on far right

Demolition of Mathematical Laboratory, 1969

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