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University of Cambridge Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber-Security Research

Welcome to the website of the University of Cambridge’s Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber-Security Research. We are a coordination point for research in cybersecurity (taken in the broadest sense; and non-spooks usually drop the hyphen) across the University of Cambridge. The hub is based at the Computer Laboratory but with connections to several other departments.

What is cybersecurity?

A growing part of our working and private lives today involves some sort of activity in a networked, digital environment. This environment has become known as “cyberspace”, a term that originated in 1980s science fiction literature. “Cybersecurity” refers to any issue related to security and the protection of personal privacy that occurs in that space.

From a national-policy point of view, such security issues could be as serious as a hostile attack by another state, or a criminal organisation. A large amount of research in the field of cybersecurity is devoted to making activity and investment in cyberspace safe for people to use.

What is a Cyber-Security Centre of Excellence?

Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber-Security Research (ACE-CSRs) are identified through a programme jointly administered by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and Government Communications Headquarters. The aim of the scheme is to enhance the quality and scale of cyber-security research in the UK, and to highlight the very best work taking place in this field at British Universities. Such Centres of Excellence also strengthen the links between academic institutions specialising in this research, and other organisations which might benefit from their work, such as businesses and the government.

In 2013, the University of Cambridge was recognized as an ACE-CSR under this programme. The Centre's activities are coordinated by Dr Frank Stajano at the Computer Laboratory, a department with a long and distinguished history of security research, but the Centre's depth and breadth comes from the involvement of a number of other departments and institutions across the University of Cambridge.

About cybersecurity research in Cambridge

Cambridge has, for many years, been a centre for world-leading computer and communications security research, with a track record covering subjects such as cryptology, formal methods, hardware design, biometrics, and the general stability of distributed systems. Much of our work is focused on finding practical solutions to real problems that our many collaborators in commercial and industrial organisations have encountered.

For a broader and more detailed overview of our current research, browse through our poster collection and publication list.

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