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  • Franck Courbon, Sergei Skorobogatov, Christopher Woods: Reverse engineering Flash EEPROM memories using Scanning Electron Microscopy. Proceedings of the 15th Smart Card Research and Advanced Application Conference (CARDIS 2016), Cannes, France, November 2016
  • Ionel Gog, Malte Schwarzkopf, Adam Gleave, Robert N. M. Watson, Steven Hand: Firmament: Fast, Centralized Cluster Scheduling at Scale. Proceedings of the 12th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 2016), Savannah, GA, USA, November 2016 (To appear)
  • Franck Courbon, Sergei Skorobogatov, Christopher Woods: Direct charge measurement in Floating Gate transistors of Flash EEPROM using Scanning Electron Microscopy. 42nd International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA), November 2016
  • Robert N. M. Watson, Robert M. Norton, Jonathan Woodruff, Simon W. Moore, Peter G. Neumann, Jonathan Anderson, David Chisnall, Brooks Davis, Ben Laurie, Michael Roe, Nirav H. Dave, Khilan Gudka, Alexandre Joannou, A. Theodore Markettos, Ed Maste, Steven J. Murdoch, Colin Rothwell, Stacey D. Son, Munraj Vadera: Fast Protection-Domain Crossing in the CHERI Capability-System Architecture. IEEE Micro Magazine, September-October 2016 (To appear)
  • Sergei Skorobogatov: The bumpy road towards iPhone 5c NAND mirroring. arXiv:1609.04327, September 2016
  • A. Hutchings, R. Clayton: Exploring the provision of online booter services. Deviant Behavior, advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/01639625.2016.1169829
  • Laurent Simon, Wenduan Xu, Ross Anderson: Don't Interrupt Me While I Type: Inferring Text Entered Through Gesture Typing on Android Keyboards. Proceedings of the 16th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS), July 2016 (To appear)
  • Robert N. M. Watson, Peter G. Neumann, Jonathan Woodruff, Michael Roe, Jonathan Anderson, David Chisnall, Brooks Davis, Alexandre Joannou, Ben Laurie, Simon W. Moore, Steven J. Murdoch, Robert Norton, Stacey Son, Hongyan Xia: Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions: CHERI Instruction-Set Architecture (Version 5). Technical Report UCAM-CL-TR-891, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory, June 2016.
  • Kayvan Memarian, Justus Matthiesen, James Lingard, Kyndylan Nienhuis, David Chisnall, Robert N. M. Watson, Peter Sewell: Into the depths of C: elaborating the de facto standards. Proceedings of the 37th ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI 2016), Santa Barbara, CA, USA, June 2016. (PLDI 2016 Distinguished Paper award).
  • Ingolf Becker, Alice Hutchings, Ruba Abu-Salmam, Ross Anderson, Nicholas Bohm, Steven J. Murdoch, M. Angela Sasse, Gianluca Stringhini: International Comparison of Bank Fraud Reimbursement: Customer Perceptions and Contractual Terms. Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS) 2016
  • Sophie Van Der Zee, Ross Anderson: When lying feels the right thing to do. Open access journal publication
  • A. Hutchings, R. Clayton, R. Anderson: Taking down websites to prevent crime. Toronto: eCrime
  • A. Hutchings: Cybercrime trajectories: An integrated theory of initiation, maintenance, and desistance. In T. J. Holt (ed), Crime Online: Correlates, Causes, and Context (pp. 117-140). Durham: Carolina Academic Press
  • Khaled Baqer, Danny Yuxing Huang, Damon McCoy, Nicholas Weaver: Stressing Out: Bitcoin "Stress Testing". 3rd Workshop on Bitcoin and Blockchain Research. February 2016
  • S.J. Murdoch, I. Becker, R. Abu-Salma, R. Anderson, N. Bohm, A. Hutchings, M.A. Sasse, G. Stringhini: Are payment card contracts unfair? Barbados: Financial Cryptography




















  • Ross J. Anderson, Markus G. Kuhn: Low Cost Attacks on Tamper Resistant Devices, in M. Lomas et al. (ed.): Security Protocols, 5th International Workshop, Paris, France, April 7-9, 1997, Proceedings, LNCS 1361, Springer-Verlag, pp. 125-136, ISBN 3-540-64040-1.


  • Ross J. Anderson, Markus G. Kuhn: Tamper Resistance — a Cautionary Note, The Second USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce Proceedings, Oakland, California, November 18-21, 1996, pp. 1-11, ISBN 1-880446-83-9.

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