Computer Laboratory

Security Group

Academic staff

  • Ross Anderson
    security engineering, protocols, peer-to-peer systems, dependability, economics of security
  • John Daugman
    biometric identification
  • Markus Kuhn
    hardware and signal-processing aspects of security, positioning systems, display security, semi-structured data
  • Simon Moore
    hardware and VLSI design, asynchronous logic
  • Steven Murdoch
    covert channels, anonymous communication, traffic analysis
  • Larry Paulson
    protocol verification, formal methods
  • Frank Stajano
    frauds and scams, eliminating passwords (pico), security and human factors, security usability, ubiquitous computing
  • Robert Watson
    operating system security, capability systems, multi-processor network stacks, CPU security models, the hardware-software interface

Post-doctoral and post-graduate researchers

  • Jonathan Anderson
    privacy in social networks, temporal logic
  • David Chisnall
    domain and problem-specific languages, compiler architecture, hardware and human influence on language design
  • Richard Clayton
    traceability, distributed denial of service, spam, phish
  • Khilan Gudka
    programming models, software compartmentalisation, compilers/runtimes, static/dynamic program analysis, capability systems, concurrency

Visiting industrial fellows

  • Ben Laurie (Google)
    capability systems, cryptographic protocols, various security and privacy topics (blog)

Research students

  • Kumar Sharad (Murdoch)
    mobile payments, privacy
  • Rubin Xu (Anderson)
    Android security and malware analysis
  • Dongting Yu (Anderson)
    BGP security
  • Bjoern Zeeb (A. Moore/Watson)
    operating-system security, network stacks


  • Peter Neumann
  • Philip Paeps
  • Mike Roe
  • Hassen Saidi

The entire group, along with other members of the department and nearby research labs with related interests, are on the cl-security-research mailing list. For individual contact details, see also the Laboratory’s list of all members. A list of former members is available.

group photo
July 2008 Michael RoeJohn LiPiotr ZielińskiFeng “Fred” HaoSteven J. MurdochGeorge DanezisShishir NagarajaEmilia KäsperSaar DrimerMike BondAndrew LewisSergei SkorobogatovTyler MooreRichard ClaytonTheo MarkettosJoon Woong KimJean E. MartinaRobert N.M. WatsonMarkus G. KuhnRoss AndersonFrank Stajano

Past group photos: 2000, 1997.