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Basic usage of Subversion


Basic usage commands

For more details on using Subversion visit the Subversion online instruction book

Basic Usage

The Basic Usage section of the Subversion guide provides further information on the following commands:

Update your working copy:	
	svn update 		 - svn update

Make changes:
	svn add			 - svn add fileA
	svn delete		 - svn delete fileA
	svn copy		 - svn copy fileA fileB

	svn move		 - svn move fileA fileB
	svn mkdir		 - svn mkdir NewDir

Examine changes:
	svn status		 - switches: -v (verbose) -u (show updates)
	svn diff		 - svn diff > fileA
				(shows the differences between two versions of the same document)

Undo changes:
	svn revert		 - svn revert fileA

				(reverts to previous version of file or restores deleted file.

Resolve conflicts: 
(merge other authors changes)

svn update - svn update U fileA G fileB C fileC (U= updated from repository; G= merged; C=conflict - merge manually) svn resolved Commit changes: svn commit