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Filer access on macOS

Your directory on the filer can be accessed directly from macOS whilst your computer is physically within the building (or via VPN). Access is permitted from the network on which unmanaged machines are connected and the local wireless network.

To access the lab filespace you must have a valid Kerberos login for using lab-managed Linux or Windows machines.

  • SMB/CIFS protocol – Behaves very much like access from Windows, in particular most files you create will be managed by the filer using Windows NTFS-style access controls. Symbolic links created under Unix/Linux will not be recognizeable as such, but mandatory locking is available. This option may be preferable for anyone who mostly collaborates with Windows users.

    Access via SMB/CIFS

    Start the “Finder” and select the menu item “Go | Connect to Server ...” and then type in as the “Server Address:” the required folder that you want to mount.

    Example mount points:

    • To mount your windows_home:
    • To mount your unix_home:
    • To mount your superhome (contains both of the above):
    • To mount your group space

    The CRSid@ prefix is not needed if the login name on your Mac is already your CRSid.

    If you do not already have a fresh Kerberos ticket, Finder will ask you for your departmental Kerberos password:

    Only one CRSid/password mapping is permitted by CIFS/SMB per host connection. It is therefore sensible to add this to your keychain to simplify future access.

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