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Course pages 2022–23

Further Human–Computer Interaction

Lecture notes

Narrative notes for the whole course, as distributed before the start of term.

Presentation slides

Will be uploaded after each lecture - but please use lecture notes (above) as your main reference for course scope and curriculum. These presentation slides are only illustrations of the content, not the content itself.

Live presentation slides

The following folder is normally empty, and will be used for students wanting to follow the slides on their own device during in-person lectures.Link to live slide folder (this folder will only be populated during the lecture).

Video recordings

Further HCI lectures will not be streamed live in 2023. The complete curriculum is accessible as a series of short YouTube videos:
Index to video versions of course content, as prepared in 2021.

Other references

Reference table of visual correspondence (Lecture 2)

Online access to the Carroll 2003 textbook HCI Models, Theories, and Frameworks

Many themes from course are discussed at greater length in Alan's book: Moral Codes: Designing software without surrender to AI (open access version, forthcoming with MIT Press in 2024).