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Course pages 2020–21

Distributed Ledger Technologies: Foundations and Applications

We will cover 14 Major and 14 Pinor papers in this course; the full list of papers and the schedule of presentation is at You must read all the Major papers and review any seven of them. You will also present one of the Major papers with its associated Minor paper.

All participants are expected to attend and participate in every class; the instructor must be notified of any absences in advance.

You are expected to read the 14 assigned Major papers and review any seven. Reading the Minor papers is encouraged but optional. Each review is worth 10% of your total mark, and is marked out of 10, with 6 a passing grade. Marks will be awarded and penalties for late submission applied according to ACS Assessment Guidelines.

You will give one presentation that should critically introduce one Major and its associated Minor paper in a 30-minute conference-style presentation (20 minutes for the Major paper and 10 minutes for the Minor paper). Each presentation will be followed by about 10 minutes of questions, then a 20-minute guided discussion by all present. Slides should be used for presentation. 10% of the course mark is for the presentation. The remaining 20% is based on your active participation in class discussion during the course. Thus, the assessment will consist of:

  • 7 Major paper reviews (10% for each review, total 70%)
  • Presentation (10%)
  • Participation in class over the term (20%)