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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Automated Reasoning


Course pages 2020–21

Automated Reasoning

The assessment will be done by the lecturer and will consist of three parts:

  • A literature survey of at most 2500-words excluding mathematical formula, figures and bibliography (35% of the final mark);
  • A short presentation of an in-depth analysis of a selected research paper and a completed review form (15%), as well as active participation in Q and A part of presentations of others; and
  • A written test of under 90 minutes duration (50%).

Literature survey

Below you will find instructions for doing your literature survey with some suggestions of topics. You are welcome to suggest your own topic of automated reasoning that you would like to survey. You need to finalise with the lecturer your choice of topic by Thursday 15 October 2020 and submit your literature survey via the L18 Course Moodle web page by 12:00noon on Friday 4 December 2020.

Paper review and presentation

Below you will find instructions for doing your paper review and presentation on its content. You should review a research paper from the list of suggested papers at the end of this document, or suggest to the lecturer a conference or a journal paper on a topic in Automated Reasoning of your interest (of length between 6 to 15 pages). You should finalise the choice of a research paper for review and presentation with the lecturer by Thursday 15 October 2020.