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Course pages 2020–21

Interaction with Machine Learning

Students will carry out a practical experimental study, replicating a piece of published research.

This work will be completed incrementally through the term, with feedback on each section providing opportunity for improvement before submission and assessment of a final report. These six incremental submissions will together contribute 20% to the final module mark.

The six phased submissions should address the following aspects of the empirical study:

  1. Due at noon on 2 February: Selection of study for replication, with summary of the key research question and any necessary changes of scope or other adaptations
  2. Due at noon on 9 February: Detailed work plan for data collection and analysis
  3. Due at noon on 23 February: Literature review including summary of the original publication, and other work that cites it
  4. Due at noon on 2 March: Introduction to the replicated study
  5. Due at noon on 9 March: Results and data analysis
  6. Due at noon on 16 March: Discussion of results and conclusion

The final report is due at noon on 19 March

The six phased submissions will be pass/fail rather than graded exercises: i.e., for each submission, 100% of the mark is awarded for satisfactory completion and 0% for inadequate work or failure to submit. Feedback on each phased submission will include an indicative mark to guide preparation of the final report.

The final assignment will be a written report of the research findings. It is allowable to include text from the earlier phased submissions, with updates as needed in response to the feedback given. The report should be formatted in the style of a submission to the ACM CHI or IUI conferences. Students are free to use either short paper or long paper format, as necessary for data reporting. Marks will be based on the quality of the work, not the length of the paper. The final assignment will contribute 80% of the final mark.

Although not required for Part II Units, ACS students also compile a reflective diary through the term, reporting on discussion in the weekly sessions. Part II students are invited to submit their own diary if they wish to do so. Feedback will be given, but this will not contribute to the course mark. Diary entries include citations to key references, notes of possible further reading, summary of key points, questions relevant to the personal project, and points of interest noted in relation to the work of other students.

This module has a large practical element. If the module is run remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, changes to the practical work will be required