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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Course pages 2020–21


The recordings are all on YouTube, and the lecture schedule on the Course materials tab has links to each recording in the suggested order.

You can also find all the lecture videos, and more, on YouTube.

  • The Frank Stajano Explains channel includes:
    • Official Algorithms Playlist with videos for lectures 1–12
    • Algorithm Xtras which goes into greater depth on some of the topics
      (Note that every topic on the syllabus is examinable; the fact that Xtra videos are not on the official playlist does not imply that the topics they cover are non-examinable! They might for example include topics on which students have asked for clarification after lectures.)
    • Everything Algorithms is a superset of the previous two (but with all videos interleaved in a sensible order)
  • Damon Wischik's IA Algorithms playlist contains lectures 13–24.