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                        KAREN SPÄRCK JONES

             Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Emeritus Professor of Computers and Information, University of Cambridge

BA (1956), PhD (1964), University of Cambridge

1958 – 1968 Research worker, Cambridge Language Research Unit
1965 – 1968 Research Fellow, Newnham College, Cambridge
1968 – 1988 Research positions, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge:
              Royal Society Scientific Information Research Fellow, 
              Senior Research Associate,
              GEC Research Fellow
1988 – 2002  University of Cambridge:
              Assistant Director of Research,
              Reader in Computers and Information,
              Professor of Computers and Information


1983 – 1996 Member Alvey IKBS Committee, Alvey Natural Language Coordinator;
            Member IKBS Subcommittee of SERC/DTI IE ATP;
            Member, Foresight Panels
1977 – 1985 Executive Committee, Museum Documentation Association
1987 – 1998 Advisory Committee, British Library R&D Department
1987 – 1989, 1990 – 1994
            Executive Committee, Association for Computational Linguistics
1994        President, Association for Computational Linguistics
2004 –      Member, UK Computing Research Committee

1999 – 2002 Member of Council, British Academy
2000 – 2002 Vice-President, British Academy

1975 –      Editorial Boards of Journal of Documentation, Information
              Processing and Management, User Modelling and User-Adapted
              Interaction, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence

1978 –      Programme Committees for Conferences including
              ACL Conferences, COLING, ACM/SIGIR, IJCAI, numerous workshops

1993        Chair, Dagstuhl Seminar on Summarising Text
1993 –      Programme Committee for DARPA/NIST Text Retrieval Conferences
2001 –      Programme Committee for DARPA/NIST DUC (Summarising) Conferences
1999        Joint Organiser, Royal Society/British Academy Discussion Meeting
1999        Chair, Computer Laboratory Celebration EDSAC 99
2004        Chair, British Academy Policy Review on e-Resources for Research
2005 –      UKCRC Grand Challenges Steering Committee


1985 – 2000 University of Cambridge Lecturer for MPhil on Computer Speech
              and Language Processing, Computer Science Tripos
              PhD Supervisor (14 students) and Examiner, PhD Administration
            Various universities, PhD Supervisor and Examiner


1965 – 1969 Automatic classification for information retrieval (OSTI)
1974 – 1983 Projects on Information Retrieval, Test Collections (BLR&DD)
1979 – 1993 Projects on Natural Language Processing and Inference for
              Database Access, Integrated Inquiry, Automatic Summarising (SERC)
1990 – 1993 Automated Information Intermediary (ESRC/MRC/SERC)
1990 – 1992 Core Language and Reasoning Engine (SERC/DTI and collaborators)
1993 – 1996 Video Mail Retrieval, with Engineering Department, ORL (SERC/DTI)
1997 – 2000 Multimedia Document Retrieval, with Engineering (EPSRC)
1993 –    Fellow, American Association for Artificial Intelligence
1995 –    Fellow, The British Academy
1999 –    Fellow, European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence

1983      Annual Award, for research, Institute of  Information Scientists
1988      Award, for research, ACM SIGIR (now Salton Award)
2002      Award of Merit, American Society for Information Science and
2004      Lifetime Achievement Award, Association for Computational Linguistics

1997      Honorary ScD, City University

2006      ACM – AAAI Allen Newell Award
2007      ACM Athena Lecturer
2007      BCS Lovelace Medal

          Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge
1986      Workshop on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, Las Cruces
1988      Annual Convention of the Computer Society of India, Madras
1988      Keynote Speaker, RIAO 88 Conference, Cambridge MA
1988      ACM SIGIR Annual International Conference, Grenoble
1989      British Library Annual Research Lecture
1992      Association for Computational Linguistics Annual Conference
1993      First German Information Retrieval Conference, Regensburg
1994      Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Washington
1994      Presidential Address, Association for Computational Linguistics
1995      Symposium on Document Analysis and Information Retrieval, Las Vegas
1997      Latsis Symposium on Information and Communication, ETH Zurich
2002      Grace Hopper Lecture, University of Pennsylvania
2003      European Conference on Digital Libraries, Trondheim
2004      W.C. Williams Lecture, University of Sheffield
2004      Lazerow Lecture, University of California, Los Angeles
2004      Award Lecture, Association for Computational Linguistics
2005      Salton Lecture, Cornell University
2005      Second International Conference on Language Processing, S Korea

Selected publications

(from about 230 including 9 books)

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