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The Supporters Club is a group of companies, ranging from the very small to the large, which actively support teaching or research in the Computer Laboratory.

It is set up to be mutually beneficial – companies make a charitable donation to us, we provide things which cost us little directly but may be of great benefit to our supporters. See below (or joining information for more details). Donations are typically used to fund things which bureaucracy does not allow for: funding additional research students, funding a new research idea when the delay in applying for money from traditional means would mean losing the researcher etc.

Recruitment Fair

The 2014 fair was another great success. Thank you to all the companies who participated.

The 2015 fair will take place on Thursday November 19th. While the event is open to all members of the Supporters Club, capacity is limited so bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. If you would like to register for the 2015 event please contact us at

The fair takes place in the Computer Laboratory Building on the West Cambridge site (directions). The building is open for set-up from 9am, and the fair runs from 11:30 until 16:00.

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