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This includes PhD theses and some related papers by students and RAs in the group. For other recent work, see the REMS pages.

ISA semantics and Sail (project page)

Relaxed-memory concurrency

Relaxed-memory concurrency: Power, ARM, and RISC-V

Relaxed-memory concurrency: C/C++11

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Relaxed-memory concurrency: x86

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Relaxed-memory concurrency: the CompCert-TSO verified compiler (project page)

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Relaxed-memory concurrency: general

Cerberus: C semantics (project page)

LinkSem: ELF linking semantics (project page)

SibylFS: POSIX filesystem semantics (project page)

nqsb-TLS (project page)

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Tool support for semantics

Lem: tool support for semantics (project page)

Ott: tool support for semantics (project page)

The POPLmark challenge (project page)

Netsem: semantics for TCP, UDP, and Sockets (project page)

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Type-safe distributed languages (Acute and HashCaml)

Dynamic update

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Java modules (project page)

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Language and communication infrastructure for mobile computation: Nomadic Pict (project page)

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Security policy

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Secure encapsulation

Iota: XML scripting

Observational concurrent language semantics

Process Calculi

Models for name-passing processes

From rewrite rules to bisimulation congruences

Locality typing

Pi calculus tutorials

Finite Axiomatisability

Hardware model abstraction


Plasma Physics

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