Department of Computer Science and Technology

Data centre facilities (GN09)

This page contains information about the setup and use of the experimental facilities in GN09 to facilitate systems and network research in particular and provide general support for other research themes that need access to larger scale facilities for short periods.

Caelum model data centre

model datacentre servers

The Caelum model data centre is a cluster of 80 computers interconnected by a highly reconfigurable 10/40-Gigabit Ethernet network, intended to support network and operating system research. Caelum users are assigned sole use of (and full remote control over) a number of these computers for the duration of their short-term experiments, and may customise or replace the installed operating system. Users can intercept, capture and monitor their network flows within the model data centre, and monitor power usage per-computer in real time. Bulk data storage is available for medium-term storage of experimental datasets generated using Caelum.

To discuss potential use of the facility, email srf or talk to Malcolm Scott (FN16).