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Overlays and menus

Icon overlay symbols

To identify changed, added, deleted, removed or renamed files, TortoiseSVN provides icons which give visual reference to the state of your files:
Green tick icon Indicates a fresh checked-out working copy of this file
Red exclamation
		mark icon Indicates a file has been modified since it was checked-out, and therefore needs commiting
Orange triangle icon Indicates a conflict whilst updating files
Grey tick icon Indicates a svn:needs-lock property on the file. I.e. it is read-only.
(You need to get a lock before you can edit this file)
Padlock icon Indicates a locked, but normal file. This symbol reminds you that you should unlock it for others to access it
Red cross icon Indicates that some files/folders inside a folder are scheduled for deletion, or a file under version control is missing in a folder
Blue plus icon Indicates that a file or folder is scheduled to be added to version control

The TortoiseSVN menu is accessed in Windows Explorer, by right-clicking a folder or file.
This is an example of what a context menu may look like.
Available options may vary depending on the properties of the file/folder:
TortoiseSVN menu